Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner Review

There is a great deal over buying steamers to clean every floor surface at home. But, an even greater deal is when you have found one cleaner that will do all the job from cleaning indoor surfaces to tough outdoor surfaces. Amazingly, Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner can do such in a cost effective price.
Wagner 915 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner
Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner Features

  • Cleans out and removes wallpapers without the need to use chemicals.
  • Accessible fingertip control for continuous steam
  • Wallpaper steam plate removing wallpapers 20 percent faster than other non -pressurized steamer
  • Sanitizes surfaces both indoors and outdoors
  • Eight foot steam hose
  • Two extension tubes

Working with Wallpapers

Wallpapers unlike paint may lose its original color as months or years pass. So, there is a need to have it changed. Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner offer a great help when changing these wallpapers. This machine makes use of pressurized steam making it easier for the machine to remove wallpapers in a clean manner. This makes the machine 20% more efficient than non-pressurized steamers that may leave spots.

To make work faster, sometimes, cleaners make use of chemicals. This poses potential risks to the health of the household members. But, with Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner, pure pressurized steam is used. Since steam comes from water and water comes in naturally, there are no hazards of its use.

Cleans Out Every Surface

Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner is an all-around cleaner as it tends to work with almost all surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Clean out tiles and removing sticking objects and bacteria from the grout. Clear your garage from stains brought by crude. Basically, it does a lot of work more than you could ever imagine.

All of these surfaces are tackled by the device easily with the use of its fingertip controls. The user has the preference to control the flow of steam making it work continuously.

This device does not only stand to clean each surface but also to sanitize it as it comes to pass. Heat is a very effective thing to use to kill harmful bacteria. Since this device makes use of pressurized steam, bacteria has no escape.

Reaches out Corners

There is no problem when it comes to reaching places with Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner. It is equipped with a hose as long as eight feet to reach places that are far enough. Conveniently traverse huge rooms because the hose is long enough. If the hose cannot just reach the place intended to clean, there is more to consider. This device is also armed with 2 extension tubes to rescue you when you need an extra length to reach difficult spaces.

Advantages of Using Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner

  • Powerful steam loosens not only wallpapers but also hard sticking stains on floor. Plus, it does sanitize each time it whips a space clean.
  • Reaching out far surfaces is easy because this tool is armed with long eight-foot hose and extension tubes for added length.
  • It provides ease in removing wallpapers as it tends to loosen the sticking capacity of the wallpaper.
  • Controls are right on the user’s fingertips making it easier to change the level of steam if needed. The user has full control over the device.

Disadvantages of Using Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner

  • There is no on board compartment where one can neatly place the accessories.
  • There is no water level indicator. There is a need to really be observant to prevent the machine from drying up that could pose a potential risk.

Wagner 915 Steamer and Cleaner is mainly a good pick for all the household cleaning needs. It tends to work well both indoors and outdoors which makes this product a perfect time and money saver.

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