SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner Review

There is a rising popularity over the use of steam cleaners nowadays. Considering the potential risks of making use of chemicals, one would just cling to the use of steam to wave away threats at all. SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner is just one of the growing numbers of steam cleaners with astonishing powers in cleaning up every surface at home by being eco-friendly as well.
SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner
SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner Features

  • 1500 watt heating system
  • Makes use of pressurized steam to clean surfaces
  • Helps eliminate allergens, tough dirt and grease without the need to use chemicals
  • Large 50 ounces water tank
  • Utility brush compartment
  • Steam control switch
  • Steam ready light
  • 12 foot power cord

The Power of Steam

SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner has a heating system at 1500 watts. This figure alone speaks about the power of the device to produce a powerful steam. Steam has been known not only in removing hard sticking stains but also in sanitizing every area that it comes to clean. Heat has the capacity to kill allergens and bacteria dead.

What this device makes use of is not ordinary steam but rather pressurized steam that may come to be effective in removing stains and even grease that cannot be removed by the use of mere water.

If not well guarded off, steam can also pose a potential risk as it may cause skin burns. This is the reason why the device has fingertip controls to control the steam that comes out of the system. This gives full control over the user should there be a need to have it turned low. Plus, there is a light that would indicate the readiness of the device to perform the operation so that the user will never get disappointed about never reaching a point of effective steaming.

Convenient Design

The good thing about SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner is that it has convenient design that would truly be a great help with the ease of use of the device.

First off, it has been armed with a compartment where the user can keep all the accessories that the device comes with. This makes it easy for the user to grab the accessory when there is a call to do so.

Next, it has a 50 ounce water tank that would produce a lot of steam to use in extended operations. There is enough water to supply the machine should there be a need to extend its use.

Advantages of Using SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner

  • 1500 watts steaming power is armed with the machine that is a sure way to get to the temperature that will remove tough stains.
  • There is a compartment keeping the accessories intact. Once there is a need to make use of that accessory, one can easily spot where it is kept because it comes conveniently located in the machine itself.
  • 12 foot power cord is long enough to tackle huge rooms.
  • It does not only leave the area visibly clean and dry but also free from allergens.
  • Pressurized steam is strong enough it could surely pull off tough sticking stains from the any surface.

Disadvantages of Using SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner

  • Pressurized steam might cause skin burns once in contact with the steam.
  • It still runs using electricity which means that the user needs to transfer the power outlet when transferring rooms because the cord just cannot reach it at this point.

If you are looking for a steam cleaner that would give you the ease of cleaning hard sticking stains in grouts or in floor surfaces, SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner is of an advantage. This works really well posing a plus.

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