Shark NV80 Navigator Professional Vacuum Review

The Shark NV80 Navigator Professional is an upright vacuum cleaner that guarantees it will never lose suction even when you use it in different kinds of carpets and floors. It comes with a unique Swivel Steering Technology that will help you clean rooms without making a huge fuss. It has several features that you may be looking for in a professional upright vacuum.
Shark NV80 Navigator Professional Vacuum
What are the features of the Shark NV80 Navigator Professional?

  • Measures 11.4 x 45.5 x 12.2 inches and weighs 18.6 pounds
  • With Shark guarantee that it will never lose suction no matter what surface
  • Will clean all kinds of floors and carpets with ease
  • With powerful suction that is able to lift pet hair
  • Comes with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • With Swivel Steering technology to clean faster and more efficiently
  • Comes with on board premium pet tools
  • Comes with 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the pros and cons in using the Shark NV80 Navigator Professional?


  1. This vacuum is quieter than most vacuums with the same size and capacity. It has strong suction power that can lift almost all kinds of dirt, mess, pollen, pet hair and other allergy causing allergens. You will have a safer and cleaner home when you use the Shark NV80 Navigator Professional Vacuum.
  2. This vacuum is very easy to empty and will never have to worry about vacuum bags.
  3. It has washable HEPA filters that will also save you from buying expensive filters. You will get 2 washable filters with your purchase.
  4. Comes with pet cleaning tools/attachments that you can use for efficiently cleaning your home if you have pets or animals indoors. Will remove pet dander and hair that are some of the most popular causes of allergies and asthma at home.
  5. The brush attachment feature will stop spinning when the unit is upright; this makes it handy when you are cleaning delicate hardwood floors.
  6. The dirt canister is transparent and will allow you to monitor when you need to empty it when it is full.
  7. The swiveling function improves the vacuum’s ability to clean very tight places, underneath furniture and in between furniture pieces.


  1. This vacuum becomes a bit heavy when you connect all the attachments together. It could also be hard to maneuver especially when you have all the accessories attached.
  2. The fact that this vacuum uses no bags would mean that it could be a challenge to maintain. Vacuum canisters should be removed from the vacuum unit outdoors to prevent dust and dirt from flying about.
  3. There are no retractable cords that could make cleaning up faster and more efficient. However this vacuum has a hook to hang its long cord instead.
  4. The pet hair attachment should have a place in the unit itself since you may need it when you clean different areas of the home.


The Shark NV80 Navigator Professional is an excellent upright vacuum that has strong suction power. It also has cleaning tools that you will be able to use however there are several lacking features that could have made this vacuum the best like a cord recoil feature and a place for the pet attachment on the vacuum body.

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