SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx Upright Vacuum Review

The SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner that has a unique 180 degrees steering cleaning function. This vacuum features an updated filtration system, the ability to become a handheld vacuum appliance and the flexibility to handle any kind of hardwood floor surface.
SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx Upright Vacuum
What are the features of the SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx?

  • Measures 46 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches and weighs only 15 pounds
  • With an instant use suction hose to clean messes in corners, crevices and other hard to reach areas instantly and more efficiently. Suction hose measures 15 feet.
  • With flat to floor 6 inch profile to clean under beds and furniture
  • With 12-inch wide cleaning capacity
  • With consistent and powerful suction that will clean carpets and all kinds of flooring.
  • With a four level manual brush height adjustment
  • With a warning light in case of suction obstruction plus the brush roller automatically stops spinning
  • With warning light to indicate incorrect height setting and to tell if brushes are already worn out.
  • With a full bag indicator
  • Can transform into a handheld vacuum
  • With an efficient 180 degrees maneuverability
  • Long 31 foot power cords
  • Easy to access vacuum head to completely clean
  • Tightly sealed vacuum bags and more effective filtration systems recommended by the British Allergy Foundation
  • With SEBO microfibers
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty on motor, non-wear parts and labor charges.

What are the pros and cons of using the SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx?


  1. Has a powerful and consistent suction that will work for any kind of carpet or flooring.  You don’t need to stop cleaning since you can transition from your carpet to a hard floor without making any adjustments.
  2. You will save money by using durable SEBO microfibers. Although this vacuum uses bags to capture dirt, SEBO bags are inexpensive and will trap dirt more efficiently since bags may be easily sealed when full. This means there is no dirt that will escape when the bag is thrown away.
  3. This is an ideal upright vacuum that you can use for families with asthma and allergies.  It has strong suction power and at the same time removes more pet hair, dust and pollen that ordinary upright vacuums cannot.
  4. This vacuum is known to be inexpensive with accessories that are easy to find and very affordable. This makes it the most practical choice when it comes to cleaning your home.


  1. The SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx is light but may not be too compact for above ground vacuuming.
  2. There are consumers who complain that the vacuum easily heats up when used for a long time.
  3. Lacks foot controls to release vacuum heads. Will not stand upright unless you allow it to lean against a wall.


This vacuum has one of the strongest suction there is for a unit as small as its size. You can tackle simple to very dirty cleaning jobs in the most efficient manner since you can maneuver it easily to anywhere you want to clean since it is so lightweight.

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