Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum Review

Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum is not just an ordinary vacuum cleaner as it is designed for optimal convenience and power. This vacuum cleaner is also CRI Green Label Certified which means that it has passed the standards and is safe to use indoors without debilitating effects. There are still lots of features that this tool has that are worth knowing.

Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum Review
Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum Features

  • Backpack vacuum cleaner
  • Comfortable harness
  • Lightweight
  • 50 ft 3 wire cord
  • CRI Green Label Certified
  • Reduced Noise Levels
  • Four stage filtration system
  • Easy to reach on and off switch
  • Optional HEPA bags
  • Accessories include: crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, bent wand, straight wand, hose adapter and floor nozzle

Convenient Design

This is way too different from usual upright vacuums and any other of its kind. This one is a backpack vacuum cleaner which has harness.

The harness is conveniently placed to fully operate by distributing the weight on the lower back portion of the body. With this, carrying the vacuum cleaner from anywhere you want is easy as it comes with specific harness that will surely place the vacuum cleaner intact while the user traverses rooms with ease.

More of its added convenience is the device’s controls. On and off functions are conveniently located on the hip portion to be able to easily reach it when there is a need to do so. Should there be a need to stop the operation of the device the buttons are there for easy reach.

The Power to Clean

There is an undeniable power to clean the different surfaces at home with this tool. As a matter of fact, the filtering system undergoes four different levels for greater use. The dust particles suctioned pass through these stages in order for the air would be left really clean and conducive to breathe in.

It makes use of HEPA filtering bag too. Because of the already strong filtering system that this device has, this feature comes to be optional. HEPA bags play an important role in maintaining clean air as it tends to trap even the smallest particles of dust suspended in air and embedded in difficult areas such as carpets and rugs.

The powerful features may seem to be heavy but the device works really smooth in achieving optimum cleaning capacity. In fact, Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum does not produce noise at all. It will be a lot easier to work even at night because there is freedom from bothersome noise.

Advantages of Using Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum

  • It delivers a lot of power that it tends to filter air at four different stages.
  • It is portable enough and easy to carry where there is the demand for cleaning since it comes in a backpack form.
  • The weight is distributed equally at the lower back which means that the user will not end up with strained back.
  • Reduced noise levels make it possible to even work at night. There are no bothersome noises which may come affecting work.
  • HEPA bags filter even the smallest dust particles at hand.
  • Accessories are all included in the package which means that there are more tools to use to achieve optimal cleaning capacity.
  • This device is CRI Green Label Certified which means that it is safe to use indoors.

Disadvantages of Using Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum

  • There is a need to change the nozzles ones transferring from one surface to another to achieve maximized cleaning. This demands time and effort.
  • Putting the weight on the back may feel right at first but in the long run, it will be much of a load.

Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum is a good pick for convenience’s sake. This device is easy to use with a lot of convenient features that are of reach.

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