Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial Vacuum Review

Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial 8 lb Vacuum Features

  • high-speed, double-helix brush of 6,500 RPM
  • MicroSweep System
  • efficient top-fill dirt flow path
  • 35′ fire-resistant cord
  • edge brushes
  • non-marring bumper and soft wheels
  • Helping Hand Handle
  • Weighs only 10 pounds

Upright vacuum cleaners come in different styles and models as well as packed with different features. The important thing to consider when choosing an upright vacuum cleaner though, is to make sure that it has the ability to meet your needs.
Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial Vacuum
Health Friendly

Manually cleaning the home exposes you to thick dusts and dirt, but if you have the Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial 8 lb Vacuum, dirt and dust are guaranteed not to spread and blow in front of your face so you won’t be able to inhale them. Dirt and dust are kept tightly locked in this vacuum so your health is definitely safe.

Power and Speed

A powerful and speedy vacuum is preferred by consumers because of their need to effectively clean their homes in no time. Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial 8 lb Vacuum may be lightweight but it is a powerful vacuum and has a speed of 6,500 RPM making it all the more effective.


If the vacuum can be used in all types of floors and carpets, you are saving yourself a lot of bucks. That is what you would get when you use Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial Vacuum. This thing moves hassle-free from carpet to carpet and floor to floor tackling all dust, dirt and debris it encounters.


The handiness of a vacuum cleaner does not merely lie on its weight and size but also the comfort it can give you during use. Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial Vacuum keeps your hands and arms free from pressure and stress every time you use it. It is totally a hassle free cleaner.

Pros OF Using Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial 8 lb Vacuum

  • It is convenient to use because it is extremely light and highly maneuverable.
  • It can be used on hardwood, carpet, tile or just about any surface, and it works well in all these surfaces too.
  • It is easy to maintain, saving you time, effort and money.
  • It performs well no matter what debris is being picked up on the floor.
  • It is a simple vacuum, no fancy gimmicks which makes it easy to operate.

Cons of Using Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial 8 lb Vacuum

  • One great disappointment with this vacuum is the absence of the hose. This makes this vacuum a plain floor vacuum. Vacuuming the stairs is impossible.
  • It is a loud vacuum. You won’t be able to vacuum the whole house without feeling your ears ringing afterwards.
  • The cord may be long and heavy duty but it is annoying in that it could trip you and it could make the vacuum heavy even if it is normally lightweight.

For those who are looking for a vacuum they can use in all areas of the house, this vacuum may not be the vacuum for you. But for those who simply want a vacuum that could clean floors and carpets, Oreck XL 2000 Upright Commercial 8 lb Vacuum is a powerful enough cleaner that could meet your basic needs.

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