Oreck BB2000 XL® Little Hero Vacuum Review

When looking for a vacuum for home use, you need to consider many things so you will not regret at the end. If you have pets at home, of course you will choose a machine that can remove pet hair. Oreck BB2000 XL ® Little Hero Vacuum might be the one you are looking for.
Oreck BB2000 XL® Little Hero Vacuum
Oreck BB2000 XL® Little Hero Vacuum Features

  • 6ft long hose
  • has a portable and powerful performance in removing pet hair
  • it is bagless having a capacity of removing 2.4 quart dirt
  • it weighs for about 7 pounds
  • permanent wheels
  • washable filter
  • automatic cord rewinder
  • one-year-limited warranty

Removes Pet Hair

Oreck BB2000 XL ® Little Hero Vacuum aside from removing dust and dirt, it is specialized to remove pet hair on all your surfaces at home. This vacuum cleaner is so much an advantage if one of the members of the family is an allergy sufferer because through this pet hair designed vacuum, it has the ability to remove allergens.

Advantages of Using Oreck BB2000 XL® Little Hero Vacuum

  • The vacuum cleaner is not heavy to carry. So you can able to clean the house without sweat.
  • If you love pets, then this vacuum cleaner can help you maintain making your home pet hair free. Yes, because it is designed to remove pets from your carpets, rugs, in your floorings and other surfaces.
  • This vacuum delivers suction right where you actually need it. This is made possible by its 6 ft extension hose, suction control handle and the 2 in 1 floor tool.
  • This vacuum cleaner has extension wands that help you reach areas of the house you cannot reach. Through using the extension wands, you can clean your ceiling very well without using a ladder. Using a ladder in cleaning can make you feel uncomfortable because the possibility of falling disturbs your mind.
  • No extra cost for replacement bags because the dust container of this hero vacuum is washable. You just need to wash its filter when it needs emptying.
  • It has permanent wheels that allow you to maneuver the vacuum easily. As a result, you can finish cleaning the house very quick.
  • It has an available 1 year warranty. Suppose there are some technical problems, you can raise this issue to the manufacturer. They will help you solve the problem by replacing new one or solution that is something better.

Disadvantages of Using Oreck BB2000 XL® Little Hero Vacuum

  • The cord of this Oreck BB2000 XL ® Little Hero Vacuum is too short. No matter how you pull over, it just turn back.
  • Although it can be maneuvered easily, when it comes to thick carpet, this doesn’t happen smoothly. It cannot clean properly over thick carpets. It is not easy to pull, push and move sideways.
  • Pet hair sticks outside this hero vacuum as well as on its hose. You need to put extra time in removing pet hair.

To end up, Oreck BB2000 XL ® Little Hero Vacuum is the solution for messy pet hair inside the house of pet owners. Using this machine can also protect an allergy sufferer inside your home. Although there are some inconveniences in using this vacuum, there are enough advantages that can be your reasons in buying it.

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  1. How do you open the canister to empty the once you take the canister off the vacum

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