Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner Review

Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner is just another floor cleaner making use of robotic technology in cleaning up every corner of the house. It has adapted intelligent sensors to thoroughly clean every area at home without the need for human interference or supervision. This has actually made other mops obsolete as it comes only in a rectangular form.
Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner
Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner Features

  • Cleans up to 3 hours dry sweeping or 2 hours mopping
  • Smart sensors avoid stairs
  • Pet Perfect
  • Quiet operations
  • PerfectEdge Technology
  • Two modes included: Sweep mode and mop mode

Overwhelming Battery Power

Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner is fully battery operated. All the user has to do is to charge this device and it will deliver much of the work extending for up to 3 hours. This applies to dry sweeping. On mop mode on the other hand, its battery power lasts for up to 2 hours which is long enough compared other cord less vacuum cleaners that could only last for 15 minutes.

Smart Sensors

Sensors you say? Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner has fair share of sensors armed with its system. In fact, it has that smart sensor which tends to protect itself from falling off stairs and from bumping into walls. With this type of sensor installed in the device, the user cannot just worry about leaving it working at home.

Pet Friendly

Do you have pets at home? Do you even have a problem with their hairs sticking in carpets and floorings? What is worst is that no mop can ever be quiet enough not to disturb these little buddies while you come to clean its dwelling area. Well, if you have got Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner, you will never have any problem at all. First off, it works as quiet as it could which comes in handy when you want its operations be done at night.

It may appear just like a simple box but it has actually the power to suction all the hard sticking pet hairs embedded on the floorings. As it suctions the pet hair, it makes use of a powerful force to draw in all the particles it could have faced.

After every operation, one could really feel how clean it is to have the device. The household members and pets can now leave harmoniously because this type of vacuum cleaner cleans out the mess that might go in between.

Advantages of Using Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner

  • It makes use of smart sensors to detect the presence of dirt and also the presence of any approaching object to bump or stairs to fall into.
  • Comes in a compact design making it easy for storage.
  • PerfectEdge technology is specially designed for the product to reach edges and clean out corners.
  • It works like a purring cat that you would not even hear it coming.
  • It works by itself with minimal human intervention.
  • Runs through a battery that will give each user 3 hours of uninterrupted cleaning power.
  • The user has the option to either sweep or mop the floor.
  • It charges fast that the user does not have to wait for long to perform another operation.

Disadvantages of Using Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner

  • Makes use of cleaning pads that the user has to change to reach optimal clean.
  • It works really slowly that it would drain all its battery before it finishes working with a huge room.

Today’s trend makes use of robotic technology in taking tasks the easy way. Mint 5200C Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner is a good product to invest on if time is of great value to your life.

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