Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Miele has been a trusted name in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. It has stood firm in its cause of providing households with vacuum cleaners that will truly help aid the cleaning needs. One of its most boasted models at hand is the all new Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner which is packed with features that are truly worthy of praise.
Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Deluxe comfort grip
  • Electro brush and suction controls conveniently located in the handles
  • Accessories include crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool
  • 33 feet cleaning radius
  • Parquet Twister conveniently cleans smooth surfaces while Electro Premium Electro Brush for use in medium to high pile carpeting
  • 12 Stage Air Clean Sealed System
  • HEPA filter

Advanced Features

Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner can be trusted in terms of cleaning out medium to high piled carpeting. One of the advancements it comes to keep is the electrobrush tool which has a wide brush roll that is perfect in cleaning wide areas. There are adjustable height levels to adjust to the height of the flooring. As an added ease, it is equipped with LED lights serving as a guide when spotting dust particles to draw in.

Once dirt from the device enters the bin, it will find no escape. The bin locks itself in order to limit the movement of dust particles. Its HEPA filter is effective in cleaning up 99.97% of disease causing allergens and dust particles.


Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner does not only have the design akin to a modern device but also these designs come in sensible purposes.

Take for instance its handle as an example. It does come to be a handle which cushions hands while working on the cleaning deal. Aside from this, it doubles containing the controls for suctioning level and electrobrush. The controls are conveniently placed in the handle which makes way for a one hand operation.

Reaching Power

Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner is operated using an electric cord. But this does not limit the movement of the device. In fact, it extends up to 33 feet long which is long enough to operate in huge rooms.

Reduced Noise Levels

The reason why this tool does not seem to create noise at all is its layered construction. This keeps the noise level confined inside the device. This is a great help for house cleaners working at night while not bothering the household members with the sound created by the device.

Advantages of Using Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • It has a wide operating radius of 33 foot that is suffice in cleaning huge spaces.
  • Works quietly because of its layered construction.
  • Handle works extra as it comes to be the center of all the controls for the device.
  • Adapts to any pile of carpeting.
  • Accessories are extremely of great use including crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool.
  • Single handed operation can be done since the handle itself has controls that can just be easily pushed to perform.
  • 12 stages of filtering are enough to leave air really free from debilitating dust particles.

Disadvantages of Using Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • The electrical cord might be long enough to manage huge rooms but it does not save the user from changing electrical outlets once transferring from one room to the other.
  • It is more expensive compared to other vacuum cleaners out in the market.

One great issue about owning this device is the price. But generally, with a device that works just like this, the price is never really something that matters. The effectiveness of the device to render such a benefit that you would not think about it as expensive.

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