Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum Review

The Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum is the new addition to the high-powered vacuum cleaners produced by Miele.  The Capri maintains the name of Miele’s lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaners. With the status that Miele vacuum cleaners have in the market, this S2 Capri Canister Vacuum is a product to try.
Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum
The Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum Features

  • Powered by 1,200-watt Miele Vortex Motor
  • Has a Parquet-3 Parquet Floor tool
  • Equipped with a vacuum dust bag replacement indicator
  • Light weight at 9.5 pounds
  • Has a 29.5-foot operating reach
  • Equipped with a Clean Air System construction
  • Has 3-freewheeling casters that allows better maneuverability
  • Has the new XXL handle for more comfort and ease in home cleaning

Power and Design

The Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum is powered by a 1,200 watt Miele Vortex Motor which speaks for the cleaner’s durability.  The Capri is built to last for an average span of 20 years making it a reliable home cleaning equipment.

Special features of the S2 Capri are the upgraded versions of the already dependable Clean Air System construction, the Parquet 3- Parquet Floor Brush and the STB205-3 Turbo Brush.  The air filters of the S2 Capri continue to keep indoor air clean by sucking up dust particles and keeping them sealed in the dustbags. The S2 Capri is designed to clean smooth flooring and low to medium pile carpeting. The Parquet 3 – Parquet Floor Brush is used to thoroughly clean floors while the STB205-3 Turbo Brush is intended for cleaning carpets.

New to the Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum is the XXL handle which provides comfort and ease of use.  This feature is exclusive only to the Miele S2 series vacuum cleaners, a part of the upgrades they made to continue to give good quality products to its customers.  The Miele S2 Capri also has 3-freewheeling casters which make the cleaner easy to maneuver.  These are mounted on steel axles to ensure their stability.


With the status that Miele has earned in manufacturing durable floor care home cleaning equipment, the Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum attests to the quality of devices that Miele produces.  Because it is part of a series of new Miele vacuum cleaners, it has a number of upgraded components.  One of which is the new sound insulation layer that makes the S2 Capri “quieter” than the other Miele vacuum cleaners which were already known to produce less noise when used.


The Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum is a bit more expensive than its competitors.  Considering the trusted brand and the tested quality and durability of Miele products, the S2 Capri is sold at a relatively higher price.  Also, it has the basic components of the other good but older models of Miele Vacuum cleaners so others may have the option of taking the older cleaner to pay for a cheaper price.

Still, the Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum gets positive feedback from customers who are satisfied with its quality and performance.  They are happy to recommend the product to other users.  If you want a vacuum cleaner that is small enough to be comfortably maneuvered around the house but is able to do big home cleaning tasks conveniently for you, then the Miele S2 Capri Canister Vacuum will definitely be a good buy.

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