LG LuV350P Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum Review

LG LuV350P Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum Features

  • Kompressor® Technology
  • Drive Steering System
  • DualForce+Suction
  • Pet Hair Turbine Tool
  • HEPA Filter
  • Measures 13.4 x 11.4 x 44.3 inches
  • Weighs 23 pounds

Almost all vacuum cleaner models have common claims such as a better suction, great power, convenience, and a lot more. But there are some models that pride themselves of being more powerful, high performing, and most convenient, all because of latest Technology.
LG LuV350P Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum
Advanced Technology

Cleaners that incorporate the latest technology are indeed more powerful and high performing than traditional cleaners. High tech cleaners are complete with all the innovative features that could make them achieve their highly advanced claims. LG LuV350P Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum is a product of a highly advanced technology. It uses amazing Kompressor technology for great power when dealing with the dust and dirt collected so that they could be emptied very easily and less messy than the usual messy way a bagless vacuum can offer.

It also uses a unique technology in order to provide a two times stronger suction compared to other bagless vacuums so that there is no way dust and dirt could escape. Technology is also the reason why this vacuum can provide convenience because its appearance is designed using innovative thinking. This allows this vacuum to be easily pushed and maneuvered as well as be used on all floor types.

Not all bagless vacuum cleaners use the same technology LG uses and the advantage of incorporating advanced and latest technology when designing vacuum cleaners is that consumers are assured that they are going to effectively get what they want in a vacuum. Almost all the impossible things they can do using traditional vacuum cleaners can be possible with the use of a highly advanced vacuum cleaner.

Pros of Using LG LuV350P Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum

  • It has an incredible suction power making it the strongest household vacuum that can suck up any type of debris whether it is dust or wood fibers, etc.
  • It is a very good and effective vacuum for all types of flooring.
  • Disposing the dust from the canister is easy because of the Kompressor system that packs the dirt in the canister greatly reducing loose dust.
  • Using the wand is very convenient and easy. Push a button and it would release the wand for use and just pop it right back in afterwards.
  • It has a clean performance because even if the kompressor portion is filled up, there is no dust buildup in the vortex chamber.

Cons of Using LG LuV350P Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum

  • There is no place to put the wand attachments and tools within the vacuum. In other words, there is no built-in storage.
  • The cord is too long and because it does not come with an automatic rewind system, it is a hassle manually storing it.
  • Steering is flawed even if LG says it is easier. It is actually a little hard to get used to and not as smooth as you believed it to be.

Opting for a highly advanced and innovative bagless vacuum cleaner is the right deal as you can solve all the common issues that traditional bagless vacuums failed to solve. LG LuV350P Kompressor® Drive Pet Care Vacuum may have minor issues but for a high tech cleaner, this is worth a try.

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