LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum Review

LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum Features

  • Kompressor® Dust Compression System
  • 30 foot auto-rewind cord
  • Air-turbine powered brush
  • A true HEPA filter
  • The Vertical Cyclone System
  • DualForce™ Two Way Suction
  • Measures 16.3 x 14.6 x 43.3 inches

A bagless vacuum cleaner is not a pain to use and that all depends on the model you own. There are different models of bagless vacuum cleaners and not all are truly excellent. But there are some bagless cleaners though, that are highly innovative and possess all the excellent features  you want in a cleaner that would solve almost all of your bagless cleaning problems.
LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum
Better Cleanup Convenience

When you hear of bagless vacuum cleaners, the first thing to come to your mind is mess when cleanup time. LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum solves this problem because the vacuum is designed to compact the dust and debris collected so that they won’t stick and be hard to empty from the canister. This is truly innovative because it disposes dust and dirt collected easier than the usual bagless cleaner.  The compressing ability of this vacuum cleaner also frees up more space so that a lot of dirt and debris can still be picked up and accommodated.

More Power

Not all bagless vacuum cleaners are powerful enough than bagged cleaners. More power is needed for guaranteed performance. LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum makes use of two additional air pathways. This allows dirt and dust to be picked up in both sides resulting to more suction power indeed. A bagless vacuum cleaner such as this is effective in cleaning or vacuuming hard to reach areas as well as sucking up dirt that is hard to remove.

Pros of Using LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum

  • It has not only a long cord but a retractable cord as well, thereby it is very convenient and saves you time.
  • Tools are not only easily accessible but all of them are useful; no gimmicks.
  • Switches and buttons are located at the right spot making them easy to access and use.
  • It is very durable and truly a superior quality vacuum.
  • It is a very powerful vacuum because of its DualForce™ Two Way Suction. It can suck up dirt and dust with more force and efficiency in no time.
  • The canister is not only huge but it is easy to empty as well.
  • It comes with a “Kompressor” inside the canister that really works in compressing the refuse into a tight, compact little package so they are emptied out without mess.
  • The filters work well so the air around you is kept clean while you vacuum.

Cons of Usng LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum

  • The only major disappointment to this highly advanced vacuum cleaner is its weight. It is very heavy and since it does not have a self-propelling agitator, it is not that easy to maneuver. While maneuvering it is possible, you could suffer from tired arms and back pain afterwards.

The LG LuV200R Kompressor Pet Care Upright Vacuum is a good deal for those people who do not mind the weight of a vacuum as long as it could solve all the common problems encountered when using bagless vacuum cleaners.

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