Kenmore 31069 Progressive Upright Vacuum Review

The Kenmore 31069 Progressive is an upright vacuum that has new features that can make your cleaning faster and more efficient. This vacuum has Pet Handi Mate which will pick up pet hair quicker and a lot easier than conventional vacuums. It also uses a Power-Flow System that will maximize airflow to make your cleaning twice as fast.
Kenmore 31069 Progressive Upright Vacuum
What are the features of the Kenmore 31069 Progressive?

  • Weighs 45 pounds
  • With Power-Flow dual chamber bag to help you have consistent suction power
  • With True HEPA filtration system that will capture more dirt while preserving indoor air
  • With Pet Handi Mate system that will pick up hair quicker
  • With a shut off feature on the brush roll for bare floor cleaning
  • With vacuum bag indicators to tell you when to change your vacuum bag

What are the pros and cons of using the Kenmore 31069 Progressive?


  1. The Kenmore 31069 Progressive has superb suction power that will pick up all sorts of dirt, dust and pet hair. This suction power will sustain even in any kind of floor and in any type of carpet height.
  2. This vacuum has impressive features like the Pet Handi Mate that will make cleaning after your pets easier and faster. The True HEPA filtration will also keep your room air cleaner and healthier for family members with asthma and allergies.
  3. You will never change the vacuum bag that often since Kenmore vacuum bags are larger which means you can clean an entire room without easily filling the bag. This has a performance indicator or a vacuum bag indicator that will tell you when to replace the bag.
  4. The indicator light will also inform you if there is a clog in the vacuum mechanism which can interfere with vacuum suction and function. This is why you need to periodically inspect the Kenmore 31069 Progressive’s suction and brush roll attachment.
  5. The brush roll has a power off and on switch so you can clean from carpets to hard floors instantly. You will save time and effort in cleaning when you use this vacuum all over your house.


  1. This vacuum has strong and consistent suction power which means it can remove tough dirt and dust but you need to make sure that it is not clogged or the suction is not dirty so you will be able to maintain suction.
  2. The Kenmore 31069 Progressive uses vacuum bags which mean you will never be able to come in contact with dirt, dust and allergen however even with these features there may be instances when bags may get broken or may have rips and holes. Make sure that you empty or replace vacuum bags outdoors so you will never have to worry about these terrible accidents.


The Kenmore 31069 Progressive has great features and strong suction. The HEPA filter is very effective in removing polluted air as well as preventing allergies and asthma attacks in a home. It may still be bagless but Kenmore bags are known to be larger and will take time to fill up. The convenient indicator system will allow you to save on vacuum bags since you only need to change when the bag is completely full.

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