Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

An epitome of a modern vacuum cleaner is embedded in Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Advanced features are all packed in the device turning it to a powerful one that is able to fit to all cleaning needs required in every home. Its features and capabilities are all worth knowing. Who knows? This could be the device that you have long been waiting for.
Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Motorized Pet Powermate
  • Powerflow Technology
  • Fingertip electronic control
  • True HEPA Cloth Dust Bag
  • Infrared Dirt Sensor
  • Wand with light to illuminate dark areas

Intelligent Features

Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner has advanced features that would finish all cleaning needs. These intelligent features make up a very useful device.

First up among its waves of features is its Infrared Dirt Sensor. As the name implies, it tends to sense stubborn dirt sticking in carpets and rugs. Sometimes, the naked eye cannot just see the dust particles left so this feature comes in handy.

Next, it has its very own motorized Pet Powermate. Cleaning the house is already a very difficult task to do. How much more if there are pets adding up to the deal? Pet hair has come to be so troubling but no one can resist the cuddly bodies of these cute animals. So here is Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner that will do the work. Features designed to clean up stubborn pet hair. There is now never a problem keeping pets at home.

One of the fixed accessories that every vacuum cleaner must have is the extendable telescoping wand. But, Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner has a wand that is more than the common ones seen in usual vacuum cleaners. This one is equipped with lights that come to be so useful in cleaning up dark surfaces. Dirt has no escape because the device has been installed with lights illuminating every bit of space.

Convenience of Use

Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner does have single handed controls that are conveniently located on its handle. One handed operation is possible making the change of controls easy. Convenience is at its peak as the controls are literally at your fingertips.

Powerflow technology on the other hand lets the user use the device without worrying about power fluctuations. All the dust particles including pet hair can be pulled out of the flooring with ease with a technology that works for sustainable and spontaneous power.

Advantages of Using Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • It tends to pull off dirt and even stubborn pet hairs in carpets, rugs, couches and almost anywhere.
  • Spontaneity of motor greatly aids in bringing power of the device. Work all you want as the device waves away the possibility of having power fluctuations.
  • Infrared dirt sensor aids greatly in finding dirt that come in sticking the depths of carpets and rugs. Even dirt that cannot be seen readily can be sensed by this feature for a better clean.
  • Extension wand has its very own light installed in order to finally reach far and dark edges needing cleaning. It keeps far to reach dirt from escaping.
  • HEPA cloth dust bag filters allergens that are as small as 0.3 microns.

Disadvantages of Using Kenmore 28014 Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Accessory compartment is made up of plastic which can be easily worn out.
  • The vacuum cleaner is heavy which leaves a difficulty ones working on stairs.

Mainly, the device is a good pick in terms of cleaning pet hairs and in deep cleaning different flooring types. It can be a heavy device to work with but it is armed with features and construction to make it a bit easier to handle.

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