IRobot SCOOBA 380 Floor Washing Robot Review

The iRobot SCOOBA 380 Floor Washing Robot differs from other vacuum cleaning robots in that it not only vacuums the floor, but wet-cleans the areas. Then again, the scheduled cleaning technology built into the device ensures that the vacuum cleaning robot can clean the floor at any given time of the day, night or week. Hence, when traveling for a business trip or vacation, you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of your house.
IRobot SCOOBA 380 Floor Washing Robot
The user-friendly interface ensures that you do not need to have prior experience in order to operate the robotic vacuum cleaner. All that is required is a simple push of a button to enable the SCOOBA Floor Washing Robot to start cleaning the house. Thorough cleaning is enabled thanks to the four-stage cleaning system. This technology works by vacuuming the floor before spraying it with cleansing solution. Thereafter, the cleaning is completed by scrubbing and mopping the floor. Each of these tasks is completed in one sweep. Because the cleaning solution is kept in a different compartment, dirty water is not spread on the areas being cleaned.

In addition to the above, the manufacturer has also included a virtual wall that enables users to confine the vacuuming robots to particular areas of the room.

Features and Specifications iRobot SCOOBA 380 Floor Washing Robot

  • Compact Size and Design: The SCOOBA 380 Floor Washing Robot measures 24.1 x 18.7 x 6 inches. The small design ensures that the vacuuming robot can easily get beneath beds, chairs and coffee tables.
  • Cliff Sensors: This feature functions in preventing the device from falling over stairs as well as ledges. This in turn ensures the reliability and durability of the vacuum cleaning robot.
  • Methodical Cleaning Pattern: This feature ensures thorough cleaning of an area. The methodical cleaning pattern ensures that the vacuum cleaning robot cleans an area an average of five times.
  • Four Stage Cleaning Mechanism: The 4-Part Cleaning feature not only guarantees thorough vacuuming, but wet-cleaning of an area.
  • Fine Dust Filtration: The fine dust filtration system functions in ensuring that fine dirt particles and allergens are eliminated from the air.

The Pros and Cons of the iRobot SCOOBA 380 Floor Washing Robot

The SCOOBA 380 is available for sale in most retail stores at $500. However, before spending such an enormous amount of money on a household appliance, it is important to that you assess the pros and cons. By doing so, you will be able to establish if it is a worthwhile investment. Listed below, are the positive and negative aspects of the iRobot SCOOBA 380:

The Pros

  • While other vacuuming cleaning robots feature 3-stage cleaning mechanisms, this particular model features 4-stage cleaning mechanism. Therefore, it not only preps, wet-washes, scrubs and squeegees tile, hardwood and linoleum floors.
  • With a full charge, the robotic vacuum cleaning device can clean up to 4 rooms. When the device is through with the cleaning chore, it automatically returns to the charging dock. The same applies when it’s running low on charge.
  • The bagless dustbin ensures easy and hygienic emptying of the dustbin.
  • The manufacturer has also incorporated into the device a cliff sensor which prevents the device from falling over the stairs.

The user-friendly feature ensures that you do not need have prior experience in order to utilize the vacuum cleaning robot. With the press of a button, you can get the vacuum cleaning robot to work for you thereby allowing you to concentrate on other issues.

The Cons

  • The dustbin is small.
  • The manufacturer has not included an alert system thereby forcing users to constantly check if the dustbin is full.


The iRobot SCOOBA 380 Floor Washing Robot is ideal for consumers who have a wide area to clean. With a single charge, the vacuum cleaning robot can clean up to four rooms.

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