Hoover UH70400 Upright Vacuum Review

An upright vacuum that looks like scientific equipment! This is the Hoover UH70400 upright vacuum; it is one of the Hoover vacuum models that use WindTunnel technology. It can easily trap dirt, lift grime and remove stubborn pet hair, pollen and microbes with its strong suction power. You can clean in half the time with this vacuum and of course store it away without disassembly with its easy fold and keep design.
Hoover UH70400 Upright Vacuum
Features of the Hoover UH70400 upright vacuum

  • Measures 14.5 x 12 x 32.5 inches and weighs 12.4 pounds
  • WindTunnel technology will let you trap dirt and all other dust particles easily
  • It is a full-sized vacuum however it is one of the lightest
  • With a long power cord (30 feet) to let you clean an entire house without ever unplugging and replugging
  • With a reusable and durable HEPA filter
  • Controls right at your fingertips so you will never have to stop to make adjustments
  • Has a separate control to shut off the brush roll so you can clean under furniture with ease.
  • Transparent dirt cup that will let you know instantly when it is full.
  • Attachments fit in just one touch
  • Deep recline option to reach under furniture
  • Long 30” extension wand to let you clean hard to reach high places
  • Comes  with a 2- year warranty

Pros and cons of the Hoover UH70400 upright vacuum


  1. The suction power of the Hoover UH70400 is more than you may expect in an upright vacuum. It does not just dust and remove cobwebs; it can suction pillows, mattresses and carpets clean and microbe-free.
  2. This vacuum is bagless which means you don’t need to buy expensive HEPA filter bags. This will not just save you money but will also save you from the worry of dealing with bursting bags and sealing bags to keep dirt and dust.
  3. This vacuum has one of the longest vacuum cords at 30 feet. Longer vacuum cords mean you don’t need to waste time unplugging and replugging in another outlet or using extension cords.
  4. The controls near the handle make it easy to use and hassle-free to operate. You don’t need to stop and adjust your vacuum settings anymore which means you can finish in half the time!
  5. The Hoover UH70400 is quieter than most vacuums of the same size and capacity which makes it an ideal cleaning tool for homes with babies and young children.


  1. Since this product is bagless, you need to deal with dirt, dust, grime and dangerous microbes afterwards. There are so many complaints of trapped hair and dust inside the canister which have to be removed manually. Cleaning the HEPA filter also requires care so you can extend the life of your vacuum filters.
  2. The hose assembly could be a bit tricky, using these attachments for the first time can be a challenge but after a while you will learn how to assemble with ease.


The Hoover UH70400 upright vacuum is a cleaning tool that has unsurpassed cleaning power thanks to its efficient suction system. Its features as well as its assorted attachments also make it one of the most practical tools. Any home would be safe and clean when the Hoover UH70400 is used.

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