Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum Review

The Hoover U6485900 upright vacuum may be a handy home cleaning equipment to purchase.  It is powered by Hoover’s WindTunnel technology which means it will never lose its suction power no matter what surface you are cleaning. This vacuum is also lightweight, has tons of features like the Dirt Finder, longer power cords and practical cleaning tools to use in any surface that you want to clean.
Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum
Features of the Hoover U6485900 upright vacuum

  • Measures 16.2 x 8.8 x 39.4 inches and weighs 25.2 pounds
  • Uses WindTunnel technology to pick up even the most stubborn dirt and grime off any kind of surface.
  • The unit is self-propelled which means it can move on its own back and forth
  • Long 31 foot cord will help you maneuver all over your home without unplugging
  • With clever adjustments to clean floors, upholstery, pet hair brushes, crevice tools and more.
  • With Dirt Finder you will be alerted with dirt that you cannot see.
  • With clever front headlights to allow you to see where you are cleaning.
  • Uses a HEPA media bag to help you trap up to 99.97% dirt, dust, pollen and harmful microbes that can cause allergies and illness.
  • With controls that is located near your fingertips
  • Comes with a 3 year limited warranty

Pros and cons in using the Hoover U6485900


  1. The design of the Hoover U6485900 is built for convenience; with the vacuum hose located at the side and the power cords found just midway the vacuum body so you will never have to bend down so much to wrap the cord after you use.
  2. The self-propel feature makes this vacuum the most practical to choose especially when you want to clean a thick carpet or a really dirty floor or surface.
  3. The indicator lights to tell you that there is dirt nearby and when the HEPA bags are full. These are very convenient features that all homeowners will surely appreciate to have.
  4. The Hoover U6485900 upright vacuum will arrive assembled; you may only need to screw the handle in place. This only means you can use this vacuum as soon as it arrives from the mail or as soon as you take it home.
  5. This vacuum uses HEPA bags that can lift and hold small particles, dust and pollen which could be a hazard in a home with a family member with allergies.


  1. Hoover HEPA bags could cost a small fortune especially when you need to clean every day. Definitely this is a disadvantage of this unit over other bagless upright vacuums.
  2. The hose is shorter than most vacuums of the same size and features. Having a long and flexible hose is very important in any vacuum or cleaning tool.
  3. The vacuum is mostly made of plastic which means it could wear and tear when used regularly.


Overall, the Hoover U6485900 is a practical and efficient cleaning solution for any size home. Its suction power makes it ideal to clean in any surface, its attachments make it the top choice for intricate cleaning and of course its HEPA filter is for home with family members with allergies. It is truly a handy addition to your home cleaning tools.

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