Hoover U5491900 WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover U5491900 WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum Features

  • Bagged
  • Embedded DirtFinder system
  • HEPA media bag
  • non-marring wheels
  • D-grip handle
  • bag-check indicator
  • Windtunnel Technology
  • 5-position height adjustment
  • deluxe stretch hose
  • on board tool set: wands, upholstery tools, dusting brush, crevice tool
  • Measures 13 by 15 by 43 inches
  • 29′ Power Cord

Bagged vacuum cleaners are just as popular as bagless vacuum cleaners. This is because consumers are more assured that dust, dirt, and allergens, etc. are locked inside bagged cleaners than in bagless cleaners. Bagged cleaners can also be equipped with features that make vacuuming performance very clean and reliable.
Hoover U5491900 WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum
Clean and Reliable Vacuuming Performance

Consumers are always longing for a vacuum that performs well.  Hoover U5491900 WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum is a good example of a high performing bagged vacuum because it involves a clear and reliable process of sucking up dust and dirt to make your house clean.

First, the dirt sensor will warn you or inform you if a certain area has dust and dirt or if the area is clean. This way, you can vacuum while the area is dirty and stop when the sensor tells you it is clean already.

Second, the collected dust and dirt do not simply make their way to the bag. They are being filtered by the vacuum’s fabulous HEPA filter ensuring that the air around would remain clean and a WindTunnel Technology ensuring that no dust and dirt could escape from the bag to betray you.

Lastly, after all the dust and dirt are collected, you will once again be informed whether the bag is full and when it is time to dispose the bag already. Since this is a bagged vacuum, disposing of the bag is easy as you simply detach it and throw it. No need to clean it up and make a mess.

Pros of Using Hoover U5491900 WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum

  • It is feature packed; complete with all the features you need that’s not found in traditional bagged vacuum cleaners.
  • It comes with a handle, making it easy for you to carry this thing around.
  • It comes with helpful tools you need for different surfaces.
  • It has powerful suction; sucks up a lot of dirt.
  • It is easy to assemble so you can use it right away.
  • It has a dirt sensor so using it is convenient as you are saved from guessing games.
  • Cleanup is very easy because this is a bagged vacuum. No canisters to clean which could be messy.

Cons of Using Hoover U5491900 WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum


  • It is stressful to carry even if it has a comfortable carry handle, because it is not that lightweight as you expect it to be.
  • The hose is short so if it gets pulled on the slightest bit the vacuum falls over and could hit you.
  • Opening the cover which is supposed to be an easy open cover is actually a struggle.
  • There is no bare floor setting which makes this vacuum good for carpeted floors only.

For a bagged vacuum cleaner, Hoover U5491900 WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum is perfect for those who want nothing more but high quality and reliable performance despite the existence of some minor issues.

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