Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum Review

The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath is classified as a commercial grade upright vacuum cleaner that features strong suction power that will clean any surface and remove any type of dirt in its path. Its unusually wide 15 inch cleaning path also makes it efficient to use at home or in a small business. This vacuum also has features that you may be looking for in a home or commercial cleaning appliance.
Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum
Features of the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath

  • Measures 15 x 13 x 43.5 inches  and weighs 17 pounds
  • Powerful suction that can work with any kind of surface or floor
  • With Fabulous Filtration system, dust and dirt pass through a rinsable and durable filter media to reduce air pollution.
  • With Allergen Media that efficiently filters dust, pollen and microbes that can cause illness and allergies.
  • With Widepath Cleaning at 15” which will let you clean quickly than ever before
  • Has a long 25’ power cord to make cleaning faster.
  • With 3-position carpet height adjustment to easily fit any carpet height
  • Easy start and stop button located at the side of the vacuum
  • Comes with crevice tools, brushes and telescopic cleaning tools to help you clean your home, car or office with ease.
  • Comes with a one year Hoover warranty

Pros and cons in using the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath


  1. The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath uses vacuum bags which could be more expensive than bagless vacuums however will never let dirt escape from your clutches! There is no mess and no escape which ensures that your floors will be clean and dust-free.
  2. The widepath cleaning is very helpful to make cleaning faster. It literally cuts cleaning time in half and will also help you get cleaning done more efficiently. The widepath feature is excellent for any kind of floor, surface and carpets.
  3. Has impressive anti-allergy filter that will help remove all allergy-causing microbes, dust, pollen and pet hair. If you have a family member who has allergies or a new baby at home, this feature is the one you are looking for.
  4. The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath is a serious cleaning system. It has all the tools you will ever need like upholstery tools, adjustable wands and crevice tools which will make cleaning faster and more practical.


  1. It is mostly made of plastic which could wear and tear when used regularly. This could be a worry despite the vacuum’s manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. There are no bag indicators so you will know when to replace the vacuum bag. An indicator will help you use expensive vacuum bags more efficiently.
  3. There are no headlights which could make cleaning faster and more efficient. Headlights will allow you to easily see stubborn dirt and grime which must be removed using another cleaning tool or cleaning product.


The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath is an upright vacuum that will help you clean your home in a practical and safer way. It may lack high tech features but the suction power is very impressive. If touching dirt and dealing with dust and grime in a vacuum canister is not what you are looking for in a vacuum then you must definitely consider this upright vacuum.

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