Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Review

To finally clean up all the surfaces of the house, there should be a great working vacuum cleaner. Thanks to Hoover for letting out Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum which is yet to be a great tool in cleaning up all the surfaces and edges at home.
Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum
Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Features

  • 15 inch Wind Tunnel powerful nozzle
  • Bagged canister vacuum cleaner
  • Variable speed control
  • Fingertip controls
  • HEPA media bag
  • 7 foot hose
  • Quick release telescopic wand
  • Ergonomic D grip handle
  • Brush roll on and off
  • Cord rewind in a foot tap

Wind Tunnel Technology

Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum is equipped with Wind Tunnel Technology which works to fully take out all the hard sticking dirt especially in dust attracting surfaces such as rugs and carpeting.

This technology is set to clean by trapping all the suctioned dirt on its confines. Once dirt enters the dirt bag, it is sealed to prevent dirt from escaping. With this, dirt is cleared up without its particles scattered and left on the floor.

Filtration Capacity

Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum is equipped by a lifetime HEPA filter bag. This is washable which means that the user does not have to buy the bag to replace the old one. This HEPA filter is able to trap dirt that is as small as 0.3 microns. Furthermore, it does trap a matter of 99.97% of dust suspended in the air and surfacing floorings.

Designed for Convenience

Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum has its very own D grip handle which is designed to fit the palms of the user for easy accessibility when maneuvering the device. Carrying the device is also easy with the use of this type of handle.

An added convenience also is the addition of vacuum cleaner controls located in the handle. One hand operation serves a plus as the user moves from one operation to the other. Controlling the power of the suction comes very convenient with one handed operations.

Quick release wand is also one of the plus of the device. The extendable wand comes to be convenient as it can be quickly extended with just a simple push of a button.

More about the convenience of using Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum is its cord rewind mechanism. With just a tap at the foot part of the device, the cord neatly places itself back in the canister ready for storage.

Advantages of Using Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum

  • Ergonomic D handle keeps hands in perfect condition while working. This handle is also perfect when carrying the device for transfer.
  • Telescopic wand helps extend onboard tools to better clean hard to reach areas.
  • It makes use of Wind Tunnel Technology making sure that dust particles have no escape.
  • Brush roll on and off are easy operations keeping the device in great working condition while it changes from one surface to another.
  • Cord rewind leaves the occurrence of it dangling freely which means that it is guarded accordingly.
  • 15 inch powerful nozzle cleans up huge surface areas.
  • HEPA media bag lets away the occurrence of respiratory problems as it traps allergens and disease causing bacteria that are suspended in air for up to 99.97%.

Disadvantages of Using Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum

  • The vacuum is heavy which not a good idea when transferring locations is.
  • There will be difficulty in removing the attachments to the wand as it comes stiff.

Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum is generally a device that is worth the try. Customers can attest to the strength of its suctioning prowess drawing in a lot of dust particles.

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