Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum Review

Vacuum cleaners come in handy nowadays considering the fast paced society. Save time from cleaning every part of your home as the birth of this tool has just got made life a lot easier. One of which is Hoover S3590. So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, why not take a look at what this tool may give you.
Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum
Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum Features

  • 14 inch wide powerful nozzle with headlight
  • Variable speed motor
  • 360 degrees swivel head hose
  • Allergen trapping bag with bag indicator
  • 18 foot cord
  • With cord rewind with a tap of the foot pedal
  • Powerful suction cleans all types of floor surfaces
  • Lightweight design

Powerful Suction

With its 14 inch wide powerful nozzle, dirt has no escape with Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum. It cleans surfaces as soft as carpets and as tough as hardwood and tiles. This is possible through the different nozzles that the device comes with.

Worried about hard to reach corners? The vacuum cleaner has its swiveling head hose which takes the job of reaching places while the tool is in stationary form. Stand at a certain point because the swiveling head hose provides convenience.

Hoover Allergen Filtration is one feature that will benefit especially those who have members of the household having sensitive upper respiratory tracts. This saves also the user from the occurrence of allergies as the allergens prevent in air are drawn towards the powerful suctioning power of the tool.


When it comes to design, the device does not only serve for the tool to look good but it has functions to really serve the need.

First in line is the cord rewind which tends to automatically wrap the cord to the device’s body. This is a great feature to use making storage as easy as pie. With just a tap on the foot pedal of the device, the cord will automatically wrap itself in place. It is 18 foot long which makes the user reach far corners.

Head hose is also designed in such a way that it will provide convenience for the user. It has the ability to swivel at 360 degrees making it an even convenient tool to use while traversing rooms of any size.

The design makes up a lightweight construction which makes the device portable and easy to carry once transferring from one room to the other.

Another useful feature designed for the device is its headlight. The headlight is strategically placed on the nozzle part to be able to illuminate dusts that cannot be seen with the naked eye especially during times when lights go low.

Advantages of Using Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum

  • It has convenient headlight installed so that the user can see the area to clean.
  • Powerful suction clean all floor types including hardwood, vinyl, tiles and carpets.
  • Comes with an allergen trapping bag which has its own indicator to alert the user should there be a need to empty the bag.
  • 18 foot electric cord is long enough to reach far places.

Disadvantages of Using Hoover S3590 Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum

  • It has a long electrical cord but it does not save you from the hassle of transferring power sources once transferring from one room to another.
  • Comes with a bag that needs changing from time to time.

Customers could attest on the usability of the device as it delivers work as quiet as ever. If there is a vacuum cleaner to try, this is worth buying. Though there may have disadvantages, it would serve you best if changing power sources when traversing different rooms does not bug you as an owner.

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