Hoover FH40030 Upright Vacuum Review

The Hoover FH40030 is an upright vacuum that uses SpinScrub technology to wash your floors using minimal amounts of water. The FloorMate has a dual tank to keep clean water and dirty water separate; Hoover has designed this vacuum to clean every possible surface with care and speed.
Hoover FH40030 Upright Vacuum
What are features of a Hoover FH40030?

  • Measures 17.1 x 12.6 x 34.6 inches and weighs 23.8 pounds
  • Uses SpinScrub technology that allows you to provide the best clean for your floors whether you have wood, vinyl, tile, ceramic, linoleum and laminate floors.
  • It has dual tanks to prevent clean water from mixing with dirty water
  • Has a squeegee attachment to easily dry floors in half the time
  • Has a wide 13 inch cleaning path
  • You can remove the brush and vacuum nozzle for maintenance
  • With fingertip controls located near the handle
  • Handle can fold to store the vacuum away
  • With a detail kit
  • Transparent tanks so you can see when to remove water from the vacuum

What are the pros and cons of using the Hoover FH40030?


  1. The fact that you can wash your floors with so very little water is great. No need to use buckets, mops and all kinds of cleaning tools. Now you can clean carpets, marble and tile in half the time; no more haphazard cleaning.
  2. The vacuum uses excellent suction power to remove dirt and grime off carpets and floors. If you would like to make cleaning faster hot water plus detergent would be better rather than using only plain tap water.
  3. You get carpets, sofas and large mattresses done quickly; no need to worry about making a mess since the Hoover FH40030 will remove water faster too.
  4. You will be able to easily see when to remove dirty water and evaluate how clean your carpet is.  You can run two to three sweeps before you can call it quits but this will ensure that your carpet is clean to the last fiber.
  5. The handle will fold away to be able to store the vacuum in a closet or very small storage space. This is ideal for small rooms, apartments and condominium units.


  1. This vacuum needs extra care when you want to remove the dirty water canister since you can easily spill the contents without a drip spout. If you can, remove it outside or in a shower stall to prevent dirty water from going back to your carpets.
  2. This will never work with hardwood there are no attachments to clean this kind of floor.
  3. Some users found the on board tools to be hard to attach and were worthless when they used it on their floors. The vacuum did exceptional cleaning for their carpets but the accessories were not useful at all.


Overall the Hoover FH40030 is a great home helper when you want top to bottom cleaning. It is a breather when you can clean your carpets and floors with water and detergent. The features are great for a small home and a home with thick and large carpets; the on board tools may take time to like but they make cleaning efficient for some users.

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