Hoover F7425-900 Upright Vacuum Review

The Hoover F7425-900 Upright Vacuum is a SteamVac V2 which can clean carpets, stains and upholstery using hot water and soap or cleaning solution. It has a 12 amp motor which can also clean tile, marble, linoleum and ceramic floors or surfaces. It is equipped with a dual-nozzle construction which can apply water to clean carpets and can efficiently remove it with the same technology. With a dual tank system you can be sure that dirty water will never mix with clean hot tap water.
Hoover F7425-900 Upright Vacuum
What are the features of the Hoover F7425-900?

  • Measures 29 x 20 x 16 inches and weighs 34.5 pounds
  • With a 12 amp motor
  • Uses an auto-rinse feature that will vacuum, clean and rinse floors when set in reverse
  • With a 6-brush system that spins to deep clean carpets and any surfaces.
  • Brushes may be removed for maintenance and cleaning
  • With an automatic detergent mix system
  • Comes with a dual-nozzle construction for easy edge to edge cleaning
  • Can dry floors faster
  • With SpinScrub hand tool and a long 8 foot hose
  • Controls for the vacuum are conveniently located near the handle
  • Comes with a one year warranty

What are the pros and cons in using the Hoover F7425-900?


  1. The Hoover F7425-900 is very easy to assemble since most of the parts are already placed together when you get it out of the box. You will need a screwdriver to initially place the 2 screws for the handle.
  2. This vacuum will save you water in cleaning an entire regular-sized home. You may only need to empty the water container twice to clean bedrooms, living and dining rooms; you may need more water if you would like a very clean sofa or mattress though.
  3. The instructions on how to use this vacuum is very easy to follow. You will also be able to dry your carpets and floors faster with the unit as well.
  4. The controls are easy to operate since these are located on your vacuum handle. The see through water canisters also make it easier for you to check out when to remove the dirty water.
  5. The durable brushes that spin to clean carpets and floors are very efficient in cleaning any surface; too bad you cannot use it in hardwood floors.


  1. The Hoover F7425-900 is a wet and dry vac that will help you clean carpets and surfaces more efficiently to remove dirt and grime however this vacuum works slowly than most vacuums with the same technology. You may also need to do two to three passes to totally clean carpets which are the hardest to wash and rinse.
  2. You must be careful removing dirty water from the vacuum since there is no pour spout to slowly remove water. The canister may need an extra tug especially when it is full of water so you better do this outdoors.


The Hoover F7425-900 Upright Vacuum is an ideal wet and dry vac since it can remove tough dirt and grime off surfaces with just a small amount of hot water and soap. The powerful and updated suction technology allows you to transition clean from wet to dry without breaking the suction.

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