Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner Review

Carpets seem to put up a good element in the house. The texture is just so perfect especially if there are kids around who might come bumping on anything. As it comes useful in maintaining the safety of the household, it does pose a problem especially when stains on its surface exist. The tendency is to rent carpet cleaners that will surely add up to the expenses of the household. But why rent when you can have an efficient cleaner in the form of Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner? This is a plus in the household that one cannot just live without once owned.
Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner
Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner Features

  • 12 amp carpet cleaner
  • 5 rotating brushes
  • Direct heat
  • Fingertip Clean Surge option
  • Hand tools with SpinScrub technology include stair and upholstery tool
  • 2 separate tanks with quick release tank latch
  • Built in measuring cup

Simple yet Tough Cleaning Power

With a machine as small as Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner, you would not think that it would do much of the job but amazingly, it does. At its bottom lie 5 cleaning brushes counter rotating to leave each surface spotless. These brushes does much as it tends to like scrub the floor clean while removing tough dirt and stains that might be there for long.

These operations will never be possible if not because of powerful motor that runs this small machine. It has 12 amps capacity which is enough to let out a boost on each cleaning need. Power fluctuation is never a problem so the users are assured that every cleaning need is regarded well enough.

Convenient Designs

Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner is a machine which does a lot in cleaning. Mainly, the reason why working with the device is easy is because of this machine is conveniently designed.

Its handle may do a lot of work. Aside from being ergonomic which saves the user from feeling tired of handling the device, it has fingertip controls which helps the user change controls with ease. For instance, if there are tough stains that need heavy cleaning, there is that Clean Surge Option at the handle, releasing ample amount of detergent in water to clean the surface. With its controls right at the user’s fingertips, single handed operation is a possibility.

Since it makes use of water to clean, there are two separate tanks coming with the machine. One for clean water and the other for suctioned dirty water. This is a hygienic way of separating water which comes to be a plus.

Advantages of Using Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner

  • Makes use of direct heat in cleaning. Heat tends to kill bacteria that are present in floorings while loosening up stains that have hardened in time. This also hastens also the drying process leaving the place dry, clean and ready to use again.
  • Five rotating brushes deliver just the right clean wanted.
  • For hard to reach areas, there are hand tools that can be used. Upholstery tool for instance is designed specifically to clean couches. It is narrow enough for ease of use.
  • If you have the difficulty in finding the right ratio of water to detergent, there is a measuring cup installed to deliver the precise amount.
  • Clean Surge option is there to give you a certain gush of detergent should there be tough stains encountered. And this option can be controlled right at your fingertips.

Disadvantages of Using Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner

  • There is the chance that the brushes will quit working especially if used several times.
  • Spinning brushes will only work great at first but eventually each brush dies out.

You can find a decent carpet cleaner with Hoover F5912900 Carpet Cleaner. But, you just need to take good care of its brushes because once it loses function, the machine will seem to lose it’s too.

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