Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Vacuum Review

Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum Features

  • Allergen filtration
  • 3 position handle
  • Compatible with type “A” bags
  • Two brush agitator
  • Non-marking furniture guard
  • 31 foot power cord

Modern day vacuum cleaners are a blessing for every household. It is almost impossible to keep a house neat and clean without this machine. Due to the growing demand, most modern day vacuum cleaners come with features that were not available in the previous generation machines. So, they do much more than just cleaning the dirt. They give you a healthier living environment.

Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Vacuum
Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight vacuum cleaners are high in demand because they are easy to transport and carry from one room to another. The weight of the new Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum is only 11 pounds. So, this vacuum cleaner is good if you want portability. Moreover, it features a maid hook that can be used to carry it with other cleaning products. You can also adjust the brush height with ease. The machine has a cleaning path of 12 inches and is powered by a powerful 7.1 amp vacuum motor. So, it is powerful enough to fulfill all the needs of an average household.

Ease of Use

A vacuum cleaner must be easy to use. It should be able to reach the difficult places without any problem. The Hoover C1404 model comes with a 3 position handle. This handle can be flattened to reach the low clearance areas. Moreover, the non marking furniture guard of this machine will protect your furniture and walls from any kind of scratching and scuffing. The power cord of this machine is 31 foot. So, you can easily clean the big space without having to worry about changing the outlet frequently. The machine uses a type “A” bag. The bag is easily available and comes in different variety such as standard, HEPA and allergen. Although this machine already features an allergen filtration, if you want better protection you have the option of choosing a bag with allergen or HEPA filtration. The machine comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros of using Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum

    • The machine is very lightweight. You can easily carry it to upstairs without any problem.
    • The 31 foot power cord is very useful if you are cleaning a large room. You can cover more area without changing the outlet frequently.
    • The machine has a non-marking furniture guard that will protect your walls and furniture from any kind of scuffing or scratching.
    • Compatible with standard type “A” bags that are easily available anywhere.
    • Has an allergen filtration that will help people with allergy.

Cons of Using Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum

  • The construction of this machine is not sturdy.
  • Does not come with an optional tool kit
  • The wheels and the brush is made of cheap plastic
  • The range of this machine is limited as there is not hose or wand.
  • There is no option for installing a dirt cup
  • Does not feature an edge cleaner

If you want a low priced vacuum cleaner that will perform well in domestic environment and will last a long time, then the Hoover C1404 Elite Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum is the right choice for you.

Hoover C1404
$132.11 from Amazon

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