Eureka AS1000A AirSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

The Eureka AS1000A AirSpeed is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that uses Airspeed technology with large tubes that diverts the suction power to the floor or to the vacuum hose. It combines this with Eureka’s Whirlwind Cyclonic technology that provides strong and consistent suction power that allows you to remove dust from large dirt and debris. This will prolong the life of your vacuum heads and will result to less maintenance on your part.
Eureka AS1000A AirSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum
What are the features of the Eureka AS1000A AirSpeed?

  • Weighs 23.3 pounds
  • With 12 amp motor
  • Uses Airspeed technology for stronger suction power
  • With HEPA filter media to remove up to 99.97% of all allergens found in your home
  • Bagless to save on buying expensive vacuum bags
  • With scuff resistant furniture and wall guards
  • With 27 feet power cord with easy cord release
  • Vacuum hose stretches up to 10 feet
  • Comes assembled, no tools required
  • With on board tools like upholstery brush, dusting brush and more
  • With a lightweight frame so you can move the vacuum anywhere around the house

What are the pros and cons of using the Eureka AS1000A AirSpeed?


  1. The Eureka AS1000A AirSpeed is bagless so you will save money from buying expensive vacuum bags and you will never have to deal with carefully placing vacuum bags in. The results are faster cleaning even in a large room and you will get to spend money in more important cleaning materials.
  2. The HEPA filter is a great idea for homes with allergies and asthma. You will be able to remove more allergens and dust making your home safer and healthier to live in.
  3. Cats and dogs will never be a problem indoors; this vacuum has strong suction power that will remove pet hair on sofas, upholstery, mattresses and even on car seats. It is also very easy to maneuver since it has a lightweight frame; you can use it on stairs and in high places without breaking suction.
  4. The powerful motor allows you to clean in any surface with ease; you will have cleaner carpets and beautiful hardwood.
  5. The easy cord release feature is a time saver when you need to put the vacuum away. Even when the cord is just 27 feet long this feature will make cleaning more efficient as ever.
  6. The on board tools are just what you need; it is easy to put together making cleaning faster and more practical.


  1. The vacuum canister for dirt must be emptied outdoors or away from your carpet since there is a huge possibility that you could drop the canister or a cloud of dust to be placed back into the air.
  2. The cord is shorter for most users and would rather have a vacuum with longer (40 feet or more) than to bring extension cords with you every time you clean.


The Eureka AS1000A AirSpeed is an ideal vacuum to choose when you have long and thick carpets since it gets the job done with its strong suction power. Its features are handy as well as the on board tools to make your cleaning and vacuuming faster and more efficient than usual.

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