Eureka 96JZ Upright Vacuum Review

Being one of the most upright vacuum cleaners that could clean all the nooks and crannies at your home, the Eureka 96JZ Upright Vacuum is something you want to take a look at. It is light and weighs less than 5lbs which ca gets into any corners where dirt remains.
Eureka 96JZ Upright Vacuum
Eureka 96JZ Upright Vacuum Features

  • The dimension of this vacuum cleaner is 5.9 x 10.3 x 19.6.
  • It weighs less than 5lbs which is easy to work with.
  • Basically, it is the lightweight stick vacuum.
  • The stick vacuum can be converted to hand vacuum.
  • There is an on/off brushroll switch for convenience.
  • A 6 volt bonus battery is included in the package.
  • In U.S., there is one year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • In Non – U.S. countries, there is a warranty of 30 days on the parts of the vacuum.

Easy Cleaning on Hard Surfaces

With the Eureka 96JZ Upright Vacuum, you can start cleaning easily on hard surfaces such as the hallways and large open carpet areas. This is one of the bagless upright vacuum cleaners which include several features than many other vacuum cleaners. This cleaner allows you to dump the dusts and remove the dust cup while cleaning without the trouble of changing the bags. What makes it best for cleaning the hard surfaces is the height adjustments options with the on/off brushroll switch with additional dirt sensors, self propelled motors and wide cleaning paths. With two battery power, the charge will last for 20 minutes.

Lightweight and Handy

This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and is handy to use because it can easily be converted from the hand vacuum to the stick vacuum as needed. There is also a revolving brush roll, which can easily switch between carpet, bare floors, upholstery, cars, stairs, narrow areas and other hard surfaces. There is a wall mountable charger which can save the storage space in your home. Being powerful, less noisy and without cords, the cleaner is more handy and can even swap batteries when the charge is gone for one battery, you can clean several rooms with this cleaner as you do not have to worry about charging the batteries between use.

Pros of Using the Eureka Quick Up Cordless w/Bonus Battery Pack

  • Being rechargeable with additional batteries and cordless you can clean without having to move your cleaner from one outlet to another or spend money on battery replacements.
  • You can easily empty and access the dust cup because there is no hassle of changing bags.
  • It can be easily converted from stick vacuum to hand vacuum according to your needs.
  • The on/off brushroll gives the convenience of cleaning powerful carpet cleaning, delicate rugs, hardwood floors and hard floors.

Cons of Using the Eureka 96JZ Upright Vacuum

  • The telescopic long handle is a problem because unless you modify your stand they might be a barrier while using in stairs.
  • The stock wheels are 10 or 12 inches long which do not roll smoothly over the stairs.

Being a cordless vacuum cleaner, the Eureka 96JZ Upright Vacuum does more suction of dust and dirt despite running on only 6 volts which is a good system you could find in a vacuum cleaner.

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