Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum Review

Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum Features

  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • 12 amp motor
  • Quick access and No-clog hose
  • No-touch bagged system
  • 25 feet long cord
  • 13 inch wide cleaning path
  • No-tip design
  • measures 13″W x 12″L x 42.5″H
  • uses a standard filter
  • Accessories: crevice tool, dusting brush and extension wand

An upright vacuum cleaner is an upright buddy in terms of cleaning convenience. Many upright vacuum cleaners are not actually upright when it comes to their features. But there are also some models that have well-thought out features that deserve the name “upright”.
Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum
Upright Convenience

Some upright cleaners claim they are upright but they actually tip at the slightest movement of the hose. This Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum is different because it does not tip when cleaning hard to reach areas such as the stairs. Rather, it remains upright.

Lightweight Power

Only a few vacuum cleaners are able to produce great power in a lightweight design. But the Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum is a lightweight vacuum cleaner with such great power produced. Its light weight can withstand the enormous surge of power the vacuum produces. Cleaners like this are no doubt durable.

Anti-Mess Bagged System

Compared to the bagless cleaners, bagged cleaners are not messy when emptying or cleaning their bags. The Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum is not an exception. There is no need to touch the filth or scrape it with sticks in order to get it cleaned. This is the advantage of vacuum cleaners that have disposable bags.


Some upright vacuum cleaners are only confined to floor cleaning which is inconvenient if you need to use it for cleaning draperies. The Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum can reach high to clean draperies so there is no area in your house that remains dusty and dirty.

Pros of Using Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum

  • It has an easy to change bag so it’s not messy. This is owing to its “no touch bagged system”.
  • It is quieter than any other vacuum cleaners out there.
  • It cleans well leaving no area dirty.
  • It does not mar your carpet or your floor because the spinning brush does not touch the floor when upright. It is therefore, friendly to your floors and carpets.
  • Its cord length is adequate. It’s not super long to be annoying but not super short to be an inconvenience.
  • Comes with sufficient attachments that are all useful for cleaning unlike other vacuum cleaners loaded with attachments that are not even useful.
  • The wheels of this vacuum are not short but large enough to make maneuvering it very smooth and easy as well as eliminate dragging on carpet.

Cons of using Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum

  • It does not have an auto rewinding cord so it is quite a hassle to get the cord back in for storage.
  • It only comes with a small bag that could fill up easily so you may need to replace it again and again which mean extra could cost if you have a lot of dirt and dust bunnies in your home.

Surprisingly, not all lightweight vacuum cleaners have the capability to be powerful and if you prefer a lightweight but powerful vacuum cleaner, Eureka 4750A Lightspeed Upright Vacuum may be a good deal for you.

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