Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum Review

It is not necessary for you to bear the problems regarding pet odor and pet hair even if you love your pets dearly. Understanding the dilemma of pet owners, the Eureka 439AZ Upright Bag-less Vacuum have been introduced by Eureka as the ideal vacuum cleaner for pet owners.
Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum
Features of Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum

  • Probably one of the best pet vacuum cleaner without bags out there
  • Now clean your house thoroughly of the pet hair from any kind of places; from bare floors, carpeted floors, upholstery etc.
  • Powerful motor of 12 AMPS
  • Power cord is longer; it is of twenty feet
  • Also comes with special upholstery brush for cleaning pet hair and also with crevice tool for better cleaning
  • Has a specification of 13’ x 15’ x 44.5’
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Manufactured in China

You do not need to own two separate vacuums for cleaning your pets’ hair and for cleaning your house if you have Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum. You will get all the necessary power, cleaning performance and different kinds of features in Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner uses teeth made of plastic to slacken off the pet hair from the floor. It also uses a rubber strip that helps to collect the hair. It is lightweight and easy t o carry over to clean. It has a Charcoal HEPA filter that ensures that 99.9 percent of various kinds of allergens, pollens, dust mites etc. will be collected and you will have cleaner environment.

The Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum also comes with a range of versatile tools to help you with every kind of cleaning.

Power Paw

The power paw is Eureka’s innovative design for cleaning dirt and pet hair.

Riser Visor

This is a shield used in Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum that to convert the cleaning tool. It helps to convert from horizontal surface cleaning mode to vertical surface cleaning mode by flipping up and down. Thus, you can now clean the upholstery right after cleaning the floor with this unique feature.

Powerful Suction

The Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum offers powerful suction feature that allows the users to get benefit from direct power provided to the hose. It means that the users will get a dedicated flow of stronger sir suction in whatever mode they use in cleaning.

Versatile Tool

It also comes with added upholstery brush. This brush helps to reach all the previously unreachable and awkward places. The handle comes with soft grip that is comfortable to hold in any angle as the handle is designed in a loop.

Other Features:

  • The on and off brush roll ensures that all kind of dust, dirt and pet hair  are collected from bare floors and from carpeted floors.
  • The telescopic grip of the handle is comfortable. It helps to reduce strain on hand and is adjustable that makes it easier for users to clean with this machine.
  • At less than twelve pounds, this machine is really light one and can easily be maneuvered to even the toughest of corners for better cleaning.
  • The Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum is easy to store.

Pros of Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum

  • Helps to clean all kinds of dust, dirt and pet hair
  • Suction is pretty strong for such lightweight machine

Cons of Eureka 439AZ Upright Bagless Vacuum

  • Gets heated up easily
  • Better to clean the filter outside as it gets dusty

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