Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum Review

Electrolux has been producing high quality home equipment for years and The Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum is one that lives up to the company’s name. Ideal for residential use, the Ultra One Canister is a powerful device that could make home cleaning as easy as it should be.
Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum
The Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum Product Features

  • Has an advanced noise reduction system, which permits the cleaner to perform at a minimal noise
  • Has a completely sealed HEPA filtration system
  • Equipped with soft touch handle
  • Has an automatic cord rewind
  • Has unique auto functions that makes it convenient to use
  • Has efficient suction capability
  • Has a swivel head for better maneuverability

Power and Design

The Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum is powered by a 12 amp speed motor. This amount of power makes the cleaner suck up unwanted dirt, including tiny particles such as pet hair. Its wheels are rubber covered, which makes it easy to move from one part of the house to another. Along with that is the swiveled head that maneuvers easily on home furniture. Its handle is designed for superior handling and its 5 level speed control and unique auto functions make home cleaning convenient. The Ultra One Canister Vacuum has a sealed HEPA Filtration system that effectively removes dust particles from the air and keeps them in the filter bags to prevent such particles from coming out, thus keeping the air clean. This is a bonus especially for those who have members in the family who are allergic to dust.

An exceptional feature of the Ultra One Canister Vacuum is its Silent Air Technology which permits the product to thoroughly clean the house without the discomfort of the usual loud whizzing of vacuum cleaners when in use. This sound absorbing technology makes the Ultra One Canister a quiet vacuum cleaner. Aside from this, the cleaner also has manual and auto suction features that allows it to adjust to all types of flooring and carpeting, making sure that these parts are squeaky clean.


The Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum comes from a company that has proven itself to be a trusted brand in home device and equipment. This already speaks a lot for the product’s durability and the quality of performance it could give. This canister model is of light weight, which adds to its user-friendliness. It also has a 3-in-1 above floor attachment that allows the equipment to clean various surfaces without having the need to change tools.


Considering the status Electrolux has built, the Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum is a bit expensive than its competitors. This may be an issue for potential users as there are a lot of home cleaning equipment in the market to choose form. But if durability and reliability is to be considered, then the Ultra One Canister Vacuum’s quality would speak for its relatively higher price.

Ultimately, the Electrolux EL7070A Ultra One Canister Vacuum is a powerful vacuum cleaner that could bring the home cleaning experience to a whole new level. Several users are satisfied with the product and have testified to the quality of its performance. With its state-of-the art technology and top-of-the-line features and components, the Ultra One Canister Vacuum is definitely a must-try.

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