Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum Review

Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum is a new vacuum cleaner that is made out of series of studies to come up with a well-designed and operational device. It has been packed with different features that can be of great help in every household it comes to serve.
Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum
Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum Features

  • ErgoShock Bumper
  • Easy Emptying Bin
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Fingertip Controls
  • Tools included : crevice tool, brush tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool
  • True Cyclonic Separation
  • Ergonomic carrying handle

Superior Cleaning Capacity

Deep cleaning every part of the house from floor to ceiling to furniture that comes in between is easy with Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum. With True Cyclone Technology, the device is set to draw every piece of dust that may come in contact with it. A device like this is able to suction as small as 0.3 micron.

Its accessories are equally helpful in making sure that every corner is cleaned thoroughly. There is a crevice tool to reach corners that are difficult to clean. Dusting brush on the other hand is helpful in cleaning surfaces such as bookshelves and cabinets. For couches that need a certain cleaning, there is an upholstery tool that can be attached at the end of the hose for thorough cleaning.

Designed for Convenience

Convenience is one of the most important things that a certain device should have to be able to gather a whole lot of patrons. The device itself caters for convenience as it has a swiveling handle that can obviously be rotated to reach certain points. This handle comes in ergonomic which turn out to be an advantage when carrying the device anywhere you wish.

Moreover, the device has its own cord rewind which facilitates easy storage of the device. The cord is wrapped in the device which is a great feature to avoid dangling cords when storing the device.

Convenience wise, this device has really something to say. Added to an array of convenience that it holds, the device has also fingertip controls which make it easy to push from one operation to the other. For example, there is that cut off button that can be accessed should there be an object that clogs on the device.

More about its convenience is its bagless design. Bags may leave you really exhausted because you have to clean it from time to time and change it. While this model has no bag to maintain. Instead, it has a transparent bin where you can see if it needs emptying. With a push of a button, the bin can be emptied without having to touch it at all.

Advantages of Using Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum

  • It does have a convenient design which helps users to store the device easily.
  • This vacuum cleaner works with reduced noise levels making it a good device to use even at night.
  • Transferring from one operation to another is easy because of its finger touch function.
  • Working for long hours is never a problem since there is an ergonomic handle that will not strain your hands while working.

Disadvantages of Using Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum

  • It operates with an electric cord which limits your movement since you have to attach it to a power outlet.
  • Since the suctioning power is so powerful, there is a tendency that the filters attached will pop out.

Electrolux EL4300A Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum is a decent cleaner to use. However, if the user cleans several rooms, there is still a need to transfer the power source from time to time. But if this is not the case, then this vacuum cleaner is good enough to try.

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