Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor is an upright vacuum cleaner that has no power cords. It has Dyson’s powerful digital motor which will allow you to clean with consistent suction; its dual power mode provides 15 minutes of constant high suction. With MAX power you can clean 6 minutes of total maximum cleaning power. This vacuum is ideal for cleaning quick messes.
Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
What are the features of the Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor?

  • Uses Dyson digital motor
  • With detachable long-reach wand to clean high places, low surfaces and hard to reach areas in between furniture.
  • With the vacuum’s digital motor you can get consistent suction for 15 minutes
  • For tougher dirt and dust, MAX power will allow you to clean for 6 minutes
  • Light and convenient to clean small messes like small floor areas, stairs, upholstery and inside the car.
  • Easy to clean and maintain than large vacuum cleaners
  • It is cordless so you can clean beyond the reach of power cords.

What are the pros and cons of using the Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor?


  1. The Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor is very easy to use, no need for intricate assembly or to use tools like a screwdriver to assemble. Disassembly is also very easy since you just need to place it in a small cabinet or under the bed when not in use.
  2. It is ideal to clean small messes (not an entire floor). It can efficiently remove spills, dust, hair and allergens from small areas like sofas, small carpet areas, pillows, mattresses and in car seats.
  3. This is a great vacuum if you have small pets and you need to clean up before guests arrive. The Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor is efficient when you also want to clean under beds, furniture and in between furniture.
  4. The battery will work fine for as long as you recharge safely and follow charging times.
  5. The vacuum looks durable and will certainly last for many more simple cleaning jobs rather than other cordless vacuum models.
  6. The fact that this vacuum is cordless means that you can clean without the wires more often as possible. This feature will totally allow you to clean more surfaces like bookshelves, pillowcases, in between furniture and so on.


  1. The dust bin is smaller than usual and you need to empty this as often as you can when you need to clean large messes and cleaning a very dirty room.
  2. There are several consumers who commented that the vacuum takes more than 3 hours to charge only to be used for 15 minutes on regular power and only 6 minutes in MAX power.
  3. The filters and the bags require more maintenance and if you are looking for ways to save money then you may have to look for a more practical vacuum cleaning model than this one.


The Dyson DC35 Multi-Floor is a great vacuum with strong suction but only when it is charged all the way. It may cost you more to maintain since you need to completely charge it to use. The filters need constant changing especially when you clean more than usual.  Overall it is ideal for simple cleaning jobs.

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