Dyson DC27 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Review

The Dyson DC27 Total Clean is a refurbished upright vacuum which has Dyson approval for safety and effectiveness. Refurbished Dyson vacuums have been stripped down, cleaned, reassembled and tested for safety. Rest assured that you will still enjoy Dyson cleaning features minus the original price.
Dyson DC27 Total Clean Upright Vacuum
What are the features of the Dyson DC27 Total Clean Upright Vacuum?

  • Measures 42.1 x 13.5 x 14.3 inches and weighs 19.9 pounds
  • Uses Root Cyclone technology that will never lose suction no matter what you are cleaning
  • Has lifetime rinsable filters and does not use any vacuum bags
  • With quick-draw telescope reach wand to will reach 17 feet
  • Will take only a simple push of a button to empty the dirt canister
  • The vacuum is made is made of ABS polycarbonate
  • Comes with 6 months Dyson warranty for parts and labors
  • With a combination accessory cleaning tool, stair tool, etc.
  • With long 35 feet power cord

What are the pros and cons of using the Dyson DC27 Total Clean?


  1. This vacuum is ideal for home with allergies and asthma since this vacuum uses durable and rinsable HEPA filter. You will also save money from using this vacuum since you will never have to buy filters anymore.
  2. This vacuum is bagless so you can forget about using vacuum bags.  It also has transparent dirt canisters so you will know when to empty the canisters to maintain efficient suction power.
  3. The fact that this vacuum is refurbished means that you will enjoy Dyson features at a low price. Enjoy strong and efficient suction, features that will make cleaning faster and more practical and on board tools with a price that is almost half the price of a brand new vacuum.
  4. There are no signs of dirt, dents, scratches and even smell which one could expect upon buying a refurbished vacuum. The Dyson DC27 Total Clean Upright Vacuum is totally clean and free of any dirt the previous owners have. Most consumers who purchased this vacuum were also happy that it was safe and still had strong suction power compared to new vacuums.


  1. This vacuum is bagless which means you may end up touching dirt, dust, hair and allergens which may be hard to remove from a dirt canister. You definitely need to clean this outdoors to prevent dust and dirt from entering and flying to your room once more.
  2. You should also be careful in clogging the vacuum since this model has no signal light or indicator that there is a clog in the vacuum system. You need to inspect this time and again especially after cleaning a very dirty or dusty room.
  3. The vacuum is entirely made of plastic which could wear and tear especially when you vacuum every day.


The Dyson DC27 Total Clean Upright Vacuum is a vacuum that you have to purchase if you have a family with allergies or asthma. It is cheaper than the original model but the features and the suction power are the same. The on board tools are efficient to use for any type of cleaning. You will certainly clean your floors faster and in a more practical manner with this Dyson vacuum.

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