Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

A trusted name in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners is Dyson.  It has long been a known to be manufacturing only the best vacuum cleaners on land. Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner is yet another addition to its family making a mark towards excellence. Its features are worth knowing too.

Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology
  • Mini turbine head to fit narrow spaces where pet hair might come hiding
  • Air driven brush bar cleans carpets
  • Articulating hard floor tool
  • Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America certified device
  • Lifetime washable HEPA filter

Root Cyclone Technology

Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner has an even powerful system as it comes to have Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology. This technology lets the device work greatly in drawing the dust particles in the center. This same technology leaves away the possible occurrence of clogging because the device is strong enough to suction in all the particles.

Specialized Features

One of the features that the device comes to have is the addition of the mini turbine head. This is designed to fit narrow spaces where pet hairs may hide. This head is narrow enough to fit spaces that are far reachable by common vacuum cleaners. This one comes specialized where it works best.

Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner is also equipped with a HEPA filter which traps in even the smallest dust particles freeing air from the presence of harmful microorganisms. This filter is enough to leave air clean which is perfect for households with members having sensitive respiratory tracts. This filter is washable which saves the user from having to change filters from time to time.

Conveniently Designed

First in line with its convenient design is its articulating hard floor tool. Be able to maneuver the device while it works just fine cleaning different types surfaces. Moving this tool is easy because it pivots in points.

Next in line with the convenient features that the device has is the slick wand it comes to contain. Considering the size, there is a greater deal in reaching narrow spaces that cannot be usually reached by common vacuum cleaners.

The attachments greatly aid in extracting stubborn dirt that may come sticking in the depths of carpets and rugs. This is one feature that would delight the users with pets at home.

Advantages of Using Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

  • An extremely quiet device to work with. There are no sounds that come interfering because this does not have bothersome sounds making it a perfect device to use especially at night.
  • Dusts and pet hairs that come sticking in carpets and rugs can be drawn out with ease without even affecting the texture of the flooring.
  • It has useful accessories coming with the package to completely clean different surfaces.
  • Power cable is long enough enabling the user to work in huge areas.
  • Works with a powerful root cyclone technology which is strong enough to draw all type of dust particles and dirt suspended in air.
  • Armed with a lifetime HEPA filter which traps allergens even the smallest sized ones saving the family from the likely occurrence of respiratory infections brought by harmful dust particles.

Disadvantages of Using Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

  • It is an expensive vacuum cleaner to invest in.
  • Takes a lot of space which makes its storage difficult.
  • The cord is short enough to perform some tough jobs on far ends away from the device.

Generally, Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner is a device to try. Though it may demand you of a high price, it just saves you from having to buy tools that wear out for a short while.

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