Dyson DC17 All Floors Upright Vacuum Review

The Dyson DC17 All Floors is an upright vacuum that uses updated Dyson vacuum technology that has features like a reversible wand, HEPA filters and bagless technology. This vacuum guarantees no loss of suction and will work with different kinds of floors and surfaces. Has on board tools that you can use for cleaning your home more efficiently.
Dyson DC17 All Floors Upright Vacuum
What are the features of the Dyson DC17 All Floors?          

  • Measures 9.6 x 14.5 x 39.5 inches and weighs 27 pounds
  • With Dyson suction technology that ensures consistent and strong suction in no matter what kind of floor or suction. Approved with IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard
  • Ensures cleaner exhaust air; air expelled has 150 times less mold and bacteria compared to other vacuum models and brands
  • Has a reversible wand to allow the vacuum to extend 17 feet for hard to reach cleaning.
  • Uses HEPA filter media to allow you to clean without returning dirt and dust into the air
  • Is bagless so you will never require vacuum bags that could be expensive
  • The dirt canisters are transparent so you can easily know when to remove and dispose dirt, dust and hair.

What are the pros and cons in using Dyson DC17 All Floors Upright Vacuum?


  1. The Dyson DC17 All Floors will allow you to clean without breaking suction and will always work on any kind of floors even delicate hardwood. The suction works well and will even remove deep down carpet dirt which you never knew existed!
  2. The fact that this vacuum will never require vacuum bags makes it very easy to maintain and use. No more fitting vacuum bags and messes when you take them out.
  3. The filter media is worthwhile since you will be able to prevent allergies and asthma attacks. You will be assured that you will never have to deal with home allergies when you use this vacuum for cleaning.
  4. This vacuum is even efficient in removing animal hair which could be impossible in vacuums with low suction power. With the on board tools that come with this vacuum you can easily accomplish any cleaning chore even when you have many pets at home.
  5. The handle is very easy to use plus the vacuum is not so heavy and not too light either.  You can easily place it where you want to clean and get the cleaning done as fast as you can as well.


  1. The Dyson DC17 All Floors Upright Vacuum works well with all kinds of floors but you need to power off the brush adjustment to work with hardwood otherwise you will destroy your precious floor with this vacuum.
  2. The dirt canister must be emptied outdoors, you need to do this to prevent spraying clouds of dust back into the room. You need to remove and replace the dirt bin away from your carpets as well.


The Dyson DC17 All Floors Upright Vacuum is an ideal vacuum for all kinds of floors but be cautious in using it with hardwood. It has great suction power and attachments are not that bad either. Overall this vacuum is a great addition to your home cleaning tools collection.

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