Dirt Devil UD30005B Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil UD30005B Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum Features

  • conveniently stored on-board tools: extension wand, crevice tool, dusting brush
  • MicroFresh™ Filtration bag
  • full bag indicator
  • long 25-foot power cord
  • 10 AMP motor
  • 8′ Extension Hose
  • Automatic Height Adjust

Like the bagless vacuum cleaners, bagged vacuum cleaners come in many different brands and models, different styles, different features and performance, etc. While bagged cleaners are said to be inconvenient than the bagless, some bagged vacuum cleaners are packed with features that are proven more convenient than their bagless counterparts.
Dirt Devil UD30005B Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum

Consumers are eager to possess a vacuum cleaner that can provide convenience to them every time they use it. The Dirt Devil UD30005B Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum may be a devil when it comes to sucking up dirt and dust effectively, but it can give consumers that convenience they are looking for in a bagged vacuum cleaner.

First of all, this is a bagged vacuum cleaner. That means it is convenient to clean because you don’t need to suffer from filthy cleanups that is mostly brought about by bagless cleaners. Bags also hold more debris than bagless.

This vacuum cleaner also allows adjustments to be made to the height and this allows the vacuum to be suitable for any type of floor surfaces. It is convenient since there is no need to provide a separate vacuum cleaner for bare floors, carpets, etc.

This vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning higher surfaces. It has an adequate hose that allows you to reach an 8-ft. ceilinged home. Vacuuming the stairs is also not a problem with this vacuum cleaner. Last but not the least, the tools that are included with this vacuum are truly helpful and add to the convenience of this vacuum. These tools make this lightweight vacuum cleaner an all around tool.

Pros of Using Dirt Devil UD30005B Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum

  • It is easier to maneuver in small areas so you won’t have a hard time cleaning all areas in the house.
  • For such a lightweight vacuum, it has a lot of suction which means it can suck up all dust and dirt effectively.
  • It is not annoyingly noisy. Although it produces a sound, it’s not so loud to pierce your eardrums.
  • It is very light and easy to use; a very portable vacuum cleaner that you can take anywhere you want to clean.
  • Although there are plastic parts, they look durable.
  • It is easy to adjust from medium height carpet to linoleum because of its automatic height adjustment feature.
  • You will have everything you need because all the tools you would ever need are provided and included with this vacuum.

Cons of Using Dirt Devil UD30005B Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum

  • The side hose to the vacuum does not lock into place and you need to keep it firmly seated to the connection if you don’t want to have dirt in piles on your floor.
  • The cord can be annoying and you would find yourself stepping on it once in a while as you push the vacuum because it enters the sweeper at the bottom.

Dirt Devil UD30005B Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum is a great deal when it comes to performance but since it is small and lightweight, it may not be able to endure heavy duty cleaning tasks. It is perfect for light daily tasks though.

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