Dirt Devil Ud20015 Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner Review

As the name suggests, the Dirt Devil Ud20015 Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner is an upright vacuum cleaner that functions in getting rid of dust, dirt and debris from your floor, walls, ceiling and upholstered furniture with relative ease. The vacuum cleaner features a bagless design which in turn guarantees less bulky design and easy emptying of the bin.
Dirt Devil Ud20015 Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner
The small and compact design makes this particular brand suitable for individuals residing in apartments, condos and studios. Because of limited storage space, the small size and adjustable handle ensures that the machine can fit in the smallest of spaces. Then again, you can purchase Dirt Devil Quick Lite Vacuum Cleaner if you are heading to college and need a versatile vacuum cleaner that can enable you clean in the shortest time possible.

Features and Specifications of the Dirt Devil Ud20015 Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner

  • Size: The vacuum cleaner measures 11 by 11 by 41 inches in size and weighs a paltry 9 lbs. This in turn ensures that portability and storage are not an issue.
  • Stretch Hose: In spite of its diminutive size, the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner boasts of an 8-foot stretch hose that allows you to clean hard to reach areas such as stair cases, ceiling and window panes. You can also use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of loos dirt on your walls.
  • Cyclonic Filtration: Built into the vacuum cleaner is a patented filtration system that functions in separating loose dirt particles from bulky debris.
  • HEPA Filtration: HEPA filtration is an innovative technology that enables the vacuum cleaner to clean the air by getting rid of allergens, bacteria and pollutants. As such, if you are prone to allergic reactions because of pet hairs and pollen grains, you can use the Dirt Devil to purify the air in your living and dining room.

The Pros and Cons of Dirt Devil Ud20015 Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner

The decision to purchase a particular product is normally based on the pros and cons that come with the product. Listed below, are some of the positive and negative aspects of the Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Vacuum that will enable you to if buying the vacuum cleaner is a worthwhile investment.

The Pros

  • The assembly process is simple and quick. The manufacturer has included in the packaging an extra screw driver to make it easy for you to attach some of the components.
  • The vacuum cleaner also boasts of a powerful suction that enables it to collect loose dirt particles and stubborn pet hairs. Consequently, you do not have to spend time cleaning a particular area.
  • The vacuum cleaner is small and lightweight thereby making it easy to store in the smallest of places.
  • Unlike other vacuum cleaners, this particular brand comes with a 1 year warranty. In case of any manufacturing flaw, the manufacturer will incur the repair expenses.
  • The cord wrap-up feature makes it easy to pack and store the vacuum cleaner once you are through with the cleaning process.

The Cons

  • The Dirt Devil Ud20015 Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner generates a lot of noise during the cleaning process.
  • The narrow footprint ensures that you have to make several passes in order to clean a particular area.


The Dirt Devil Ud20015 Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for individuals who are limited by storage space in their houses but would still like to own a vacuum cleaner.

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