Dirt Devil M0105 Hand Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil M0105 Hand Vacuum is a great pet hair cleaning companion you can ever ask for. This product is perfect for getting rid not only of pet hair in particular but for getting rid of pet litter and pet food as well keeping your home neat, clean and smelling fresh at all times.
Dirt Devil M0105 Hand Vacuum
Dirt Devil M0105 Hand Vacuum Features

  • Functional hand vacuum that is perfect for cleaning pet hair
  • Comes with a powerful motorized brush that gets rid of pet hair easily
  • Perfect for getting rid of kitty litter and pet food mess
  • Features 100% HEPA filtration traps to protect your home from allergens
  • Weighs approximately 6.6 pounds
  • Comes with built-in 24-inch flexible hose for easy and convenient cleaning
  • Comes with a metal nozzle guard for efficient cleaning

Handheld Miracle in One

This handheld vacuum can be considered as the next best thing for cleaning pet hair and more. This tool is actually specifically designed for pet owners like you who of course cannot get rid of your pets but wouldn’t like to endure possible allergies from getting into very close contact with their shedding hair. With this in mind, this vacuum is truly your best friend because not only does it perfectly finish its job, it is also great for use because it absolutely delivers.

This vacuum features a 7 amp power supply and ultra-functional powerful motorized brush that helps clean surfaces thoroughly and pick up as much hair as desired. There’s also no need to worry about pet hair that seems to have stuck unto rugs, carpets and sofa upholstery because this vacuum is truly perfect and reliable for getting rid of such.

What’s more, the Dirt Devil M0105 Hand Vacuum comes with a five-piece tool set that includes a crevice tool, extension wand for easier cleaning, dusting brush for the most efficient results, a flexible 24-inch hose that is perfect for use on tight spaces and a special pet hair upholstery brush. Now with all these things, what more can you possibly ask for?

Additional Features Worth Knowing

As if these features are still not enough, you can expect so much more from this hand vacuum. It comes with a 20-feet cord that is more than enough length to satisfy your cleaning requirements all at the same time. There’s also no need to worry about gripping the handles of the vacuum for hours because it boasts of an easy grip system that is absolutely comfortable on the hands.

Advantages of Using Dirt Devil M0105 Hand Vacuum

  • Helps free yourself from pet hair mess, litter and more
  • Conveniently protects your home from allergens
  • Does not require the use of bags so it saves you more time when cleaning
  • Perfect for use in other surfaces so there’s no need to buy more than one handheld vacuum

Disadvantages of Using Dirt Devil M0105 Hand Vacuum

  • Can be a little heavy compared to other types of handheld vacuum cleaners
  • Can be considered a disposable hand vacuum because it breaks easily
  • Comes with a small dirt cup so you need to spend a lot of time emptying it again and again

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