Carpet Pro CPU-2T Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Carpet Pro CPU-2T is a commercial grade upright vacuum cleaner that has strong suction power, large cleaning capacity and huge suction mouth that will let you clean in less time. It has a strong 10 amp motor, electrostatic filtration system and features that you will want to have in your home or small office.

What are the features of the Carpet Pro CPU-2T?

  • Weighs 20.5 pounds
  • Commercial grade vacuum cleaner
  • Has a durable metal body: metal bottom plate and a metal brush roll
  • Brush roll has a long lasting sealed metal bearing
  • With a 4-stage electrostatic filtration system
  • Comes with its own cleaning tools like an extendable stretch hose and brushes
  • With a soft furniture guard
  • Very sturdy with a 3-wire cord
  • Comes with a 1 year parts and warranty and a 90 day labor warranty

What are the pros and cons of using the Carpet Pro CPU-2T?


  1.  The Carpet Pro CPU-2T is a very durable upright vacuum and has one of the strongest and the most consistent suction to tackle the hardest and the dirtiest carpet cleaning jobs.
  2. This vacuum is built to last with a metal everything. From the vacuum brush to the bottom plate and to the handles; this will allow you to clean for years to come.
  3. It has efficient tools that will let you clean more effortlessly like an extendable hose attachment to reach high places and so on. You can use this vacuum for drapes, blinds, ceilings and even high cabinets. It works really well with any kind of carpet possibly why it is called Carpet Pro.
  4. The cord is long which will allow you to clean large rooms and offices without every stopping to unplug and replug every time.
  5. You can clean longer with vacuum bags that seem to last longer than most commercial grade vacuums. There is no unsightly filter odor that most large and commercial vacuums emit; overall you can use this vacuum to clean almost every day without the worry about spending more on vacuum bags and polluting room air.
  6. You will be able to clean more effectively especially pet hair (cat and dogs) that seem to be resistant with flimsy vacuum models. The Carpet Pro CPU-2T is tough on dirt, dust, pollen and pet hair/dander which are ideal for homes with allergies.


  1.  This vacuum is heavier compared to most commercial grade vacuums since it is made of mostly metal (brush, bottom and handle). And because this is a mostly metal vacuum cleaner it may sound louder than an all-plastic product.
  2. This vacuum cleaner may be harder to maneuver than lighter vacuums so better prepare for muscle- aching cleaning time when you use this commercial vacuum.


The Carpet Pro CPU-2T is a heavy duty commercial vacuum that you can use at home, in a small office or for your business. It guarantees controlled and consistent suction power; no mess, no fuss and no hassles when you use it. It is heavier than most upright vacuum models and this is due to most of its metal parts. It may be louder but it is sure to clean well compare to other commercial vacuum models.

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