BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum Review

BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum Features

  • Helix dirt separation system
  • Easy Empty Dirt Container
  • auto cord rewind
  • surround suction for Dual edge cleaning
  • 25-foot power cord
  • 12 amps of power
  • 13-1/2″ cleaning path
  • Motorized power brush
  • Headlight
  • Extended wand and crevice tool attachments

Maintaining the value of your home can be achieved with the help of a vacuum cleaner because if you are able to keep your home clean, you are also saving it from complete destruction which is why vacuum cleaners are available all over the world. Some of them are feature-packed but other models pride themselves of their ability to last a lifetime.
BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum

It’s not wrong to opt for a high priced cleaner as long as the price is worth it. BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum proves its cost-effectiveness because of its ability to last a lifetime. It comes with a Helix dirt separation system which is not only an effective feature for capturing dirt and locking it inside but also a feature that could save you a lot of bucks since you don’t need to replace this vacuum right away. In other words, this feature protects the motor of this vacuum to it could still be useless even if you’ve had it for a long time already.


A vacuum that is convenient to use is a lucky charm as it could save you time and effort. The BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum offers a dual edge cleaning through its surround suction  so no effort is exerted that much when it comes to vacuuming hard to reach areas. It is also convenient because there is no need to go through all the trouble of manually winding the cord as this vacuum comes with an automatic cord rewind.

Pros of Using BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum

  • It is lightweight so it’s not only light to carry but also easy to maneuver.
  • It not only looks durable but feels durable so you’d be convinced it could tackle all types of floors and surfaces and still last a lifetime.
  • It is very effective because it has efficient and powerful suction that’s able to pick up a mess of hair, dirt, crumbs, etc.
  • It is a very convenient tool in terms of assembly, use and cleanup.
  • It has an automatic cord rewind saving you time and effort as well as it does not retract and tangle.

Cons of Using BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum

  • It disturbs peace and quiet every time you use it because the noise it produces is very loud; even louder than other models.
  • It has a top handle with the turbo brush that keeps falling off which is annoying as you’d have to put it back again and again.
  • The dirt container may be good but it does not warn you if you need to empty it already so there is a tendency that you could go above the full line. When this happens, hair and debris begin to accumulate very quickly in the upper portion above the dirt container and it could mean a messy, complicated and time-consuming cleanup.

Overall, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is cost-effective, you can count on the quality of the BISSELL 84G9 Rewind PowerHelix Upright Vacuum.

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