Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum Review

Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum is one vacuum cleaner which lets the user perform certain tasks with just a click. This makes cleaning even convenient and easier. If time demands a lot from you, this comes to be a perfect pick. But before jumping into the conclusion of buying such device, look at the facts first to help you be guided.
Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum
Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum Features

  • Cyclonic Cleaning System
  • Multi Surface Cleaning
  • Bagless
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • HEPA filter
  • Clean Filter Indicator
  • Metal telescopic extension
  • Variable suction control

The Power to Clean

Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum makes use of cyclonic cleaning system. This is such an effective cleaning technique as it tends to suction using a centrifugal force. Every suctioned particle is drawn in the center making it almost impossible for clogs to occur.

One might think that a device like this cannot handle soft surfaces given the power that is overwhelming which may come ruining the texture of the surface. But, this has variable suction control which lets the user control the suctioning power while moving in different areas. What is good about this device is that it has one hand controls that one can simply click once changing places. There is never a need to change the extension tools because the controls of the device can just do the thing.

Powerful suction, the device has it. As an addition to an already powerful lift, the device has HEPA filters that traps dusts present in air. This leads a way for a more superior clean. Even particles suspended in air have no escape as the filters work to do the deal. Clean as you want because the device has its own Clean Filter Indicator that will tell the user if there is a need to clean the filter for a more effective cleaning.

Designed for Convenience

Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum is ready for storage after every use. It has an automatic cord rewind system that lets the cord wrap itself on the device after use. This waves away the possibility of having dangling cords that may cause inconvenience and may even wear out the device.

Its long metal wand sets a deal to reach surfaces that are far enough to reach. Extension wand makes cleaning ceilings an easy task to tackle. As it is made of metal, it comes to be durable in performing the task plus a lasting performance.

Advantages of Using Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum

  • The device has powerful suction which can be adjusted to meet different needs in different textured surfaces.
  • Cyclonic cleaning uses a powerful force that will lead every place clean. Clogs can never happen because the force draws particles to the center.
  • Its wand can be extended to meet needs especially in reaching out ceilings.
  • HEPA filter is useful in trapping small particles of dust and allergens. The device has filter indicator too in order for the user to have the knowledge once the device needs cleaning.
  • It is bagless which saves the user from spending money in buying bags from time to time.
  • Multi surface cleaning can be done without even changing the accessories attached to the device.

Disadvantages of Using Bissell 66T61 OptiClean Cyclonic Canister Vacuum

  • Collecting small dust particles will take time and sometimes the user needs to pass the area several times before it is completely cleaned.
  • Its powerful suction works great in bare floor however the problem exists in carpets.

Generally, this is a device that users can use for some light cleaning at home. It has powerful suction but is limited to bare floors only. This would benefit households with floors other than carpets.

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