BISSELL 3583 CleanView Plus Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Are you looking for a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that can effectively clean almost any floor? Do you want something that is easy to clean out so that you can maximize your dirt pickup? With filters that are incredibly easy to keep clean and a canister that you can remove, dump, and replace in just seconds, vacuuming doesn’t have to be the chore you dread any more! Best of all, this BISSELL 3583 CleanView vacuum can be found in stores and on websites like Amazon for less than $100.
What Key Features Does the Bissell CleanView Plus Have?

The best feature by far of this vacuum is the OnePass Technology that is exclusive to Bissell. This provides your home with a power method of suction that is combined with a better brush design to loosen and pull up the ground in, hidden dirt that can be in your carpet. The brushes are still gentle enough to be used on hardwood and tile floors, however, so your floors can have the deep clean that they deserve.

There’s also these additional features to consider with the Bissell CleanView Plus:

  • it has been designed with a 12 amp suction system so that it won’t leave any dirt behind as you’re working on your household chores;
  • the power cord, which is 25 feet in length, has an automatic rewind feature so you won’t have to waste time looping cords or unwinding knots; and
  • there are excellent on-board tools included, the best being the TurboBrush that will help you replicate a brush vacuum for your furniture that needs to be cleaned.

If you’re tired of the dust and debris in your home, whether it’s lurking in your carpet or underneath your sofa cushions, then this is the affordable vacuum to consider. Weighing in at 19 pounds and flexible enough to get underneath your tables without needing to move them, this appliance is a definite timesaver!

What Makes the Bissell CleanView Plus Really Stand Out?

Although this isn’t a specific pet vacuum, it does an excellent job of pulling out the leftover fur that pets tend to leave. It has an advanced filtration system that will help to limit other interior allergies that can develop over time as well. If you’re sensitive to dust mites, pollen, or even mold that can develop within the carpet, then you’re going to need a filtration system to take those allergens out. The Bissell CleanView Plus will do exactly that!

It’s difficult to really find anything negative to say about this vacuum. The canister can slip about sometimes and that might cause it to break. The dirt can sometimes stick in the canister, requiring you to pry it out. From a performance standpoint, however, this vacuum is well-built, strong, and easily one of the best vacuums at this price point.

If you need a vacuum that will help you quickly clean the entire home, then the BISSELL 3583 CleanView Plus Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum is one to consider. Even though it is budget friendly, it has the goods to deliver a superior, long-term result for your floors.

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