BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner Review

Have you got a pet at home? What if suddenly, that pet of yours would come scattering stains and spots around the house and worst is you are expecting guests to arrive in a matter of minutes? BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner comes to the rescue. This handheld device is designed to tackle emergency spots and stains leaving it clean for a short while. It has been armed with specific features to wave away your problems.
BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner
BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner Features

  • Hand held carpet cleaner
  • Cordless, running spontaneously for up to 15 minutes
  • Dual Tank System
  • 7 inch nozzle
  • Odor removal property
  • Brush rotates vigorously as it cleans surfaces while sucking up debris, stains and water
  • Lightweight at 6 lbs

Effective Cleaning Power

BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner is just another carpet cleaner saving the household from dealing with difficult stains. In order to do such, this machine is packed with features that duly make cleaning easy.

This machine makes use of brush which rotates vigorously brushing off hard to undo stains. As it scrubs the stain out of the surface, it suctions the debris and water to fully leave it clean. Then, the debris will pass through the 7 inch nozzle and dirty water emptied in the tanks.

Once the device passes the surfaces it intends to clean it will surely leave it spec and spun. The user can almost feel it on bare foot. But here is a greater deal as BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner has also the ability to remove odors that comes with the stains and spots. As it makes use of water, the dirt is suctioned so as the odor.


At first glance at BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner, you can almost see how versatile it is. This one is cordless which runs on a battery that is able to extend for up to 15 minutes. This may just be a short while but this will surely be of great help for on the spot cleaning needs. The user can just recharge it after the battery has been drained. There are no cords to tackle so the user can just move almost anywhere.

The user can just perform one operation to the other because this machine weighs only 6 lbs. This makes handling the machine a lot more convenient. This comes to be a true definition that indeed products that are heavy in features should not always come in heavy in weight.

Advantages of Using BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner

  • This is a handheld device which lets the user have full control over the device while at work.
  • It does not have an electrical cord so there is no hassle of changing power outlets when transferring rooms.
  • Dual tank system separates clean from dirty water making it more hygienic to use.
  • Rotating brush works not only to suction dirt but also remove embedded dirt through its scrubbing technique.
  • Odors are nothing because the device does not only remove dirt but also odors which come with the stain.
  • Since it runs with a battery, expect a cut on your electric bill. Rechargeable machines are energy efficient because while its operation is ongoing, it does not plug directly on electric outlet.

Disadvantages of Using BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner

  • The user can no longer work for long hours because the battery of the device just extends for 15 minutes.
  • There will always be a tendency for tanks to leak. Checking the system before its operation is a must which may demand time.

Customers can attest to the benefits that BISSELL 1719 Carpet Cleaner has. Yet, it still needs checking and care to finally let its life extend.

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